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Today’s Super Women by Nancy Weshkoff

May 9, 2020 by  
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Today’s Super Women

By Nancy Weshkoff


On this Mother’s Day weekend, I would like to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing women who are part of the Moonflower Yoga community.  I am astonished by your strength and multi-tasking.  With social distancing in place, many women face even more challenges: maintaining a busy career while tele-commuting, home schooling your children because the schools are closed, juggling household tasks, keeping a healthy relationship with a significant other, checking in on elderly, quarantined relatives using remote tools, etc.

And for those in the health care field who are sacrificing so much to help people in this crisis, they are superheroes!  Thank you for everything you do to help those in need.

Life for many women today can be overwhelming.    This is why it is so important to remember that you need to take care of YOURSELF first.   If you don’t take care of yourself, there is no energy left to take care of the other responsibilities in your life.  As flight attendants would say: In the event of an emergency, put the mask on yourself first and then put the mask on a child traveling with you.

During this coronavirus period of our lives, Moonflower Yoga is offering great 30-minute online yoga and meditation classes which you can do from the comfort of your living room.  Giving yourself the gift of 30 minutes to relax, unwind, and stretch tired muscles with a great yoga teacher is a wonderful way to take care of yourself and reduce stress.   You don’t need to be in Bellmore, Nassau County, or even Long Island to join us.  You can be anywhere in the US and join us remotely.   You’ll feel refreshed and ready to put on your super cape again.

Hope you have a great Mother’s Day!

Small Businesses in a Coronavirus World by Nancy Weshkoff

April 26, 2020 by  
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Small Businesses in a Coronavirus World

By Nancy Weshkoff

These are very difficult times for so many of us.   This is particularly true of small business owners.   Small business owners form the backbone of our local economy.   They are your local restaurants, hair salons, service stations, and businesses such as Moonflower Yoga.  They greet you when you walk in the door of their business because you are special to them.  We are the people you meet on the street when walking through your neighborhood.   We live in the community and we pay taxes in the local Nassau County, Long Island community to support the schools, parks, police, and other services.   We are the stores you see on Main Street, and we are essential to keeping our communities flourishing.

I fully support the need for social distancing in our current Covid19 world, as it is vital that we stay safe.  The health and safety of the Moonflower Yoga students and teachers is of the utmost importance to me.   While we are following these social distancing protocols, it is causing a financial hardship for many of the local businesses in the community.   We need local businesses!    The owners of the small businesses are also paying salaries to their local workers to help those workers feed their families and have shelter.   Local businesses give you the special attention that you do not get when ordering from giant online services.  When this crisis has passed, we need local businesses to still be here.   Sadly I think some of us will not survive this.

YOU can make a difference in helping to keep these local businesses still alive.   Some local restaurants are staying open for take-out orders or curbside pick-up.   Support them by ordering from them.   I order my fresh produce from a local Wantagh business that offers curbside pick up.  Service stations are still open to take care of your automotive needs.  If there is a local business that can be open during this crisis, please help them.

As for Moonflower Yoga, while the doors of the studio are not open for physical classes in the Bellmore studio space, I am still running Moonflower Yoga, and the great yoga teachers you know and love are still teaching great yoga classes for Moonflower Yoga through online class offerings via Zoom.    The people you have met at Moonflower Yoga are still around, and you can see them and speak with them in the chat area before the online classes begin.   You may be feeling isolated and alone these days, but you are not alone.   Join us remotely for a great yoga class, workshop, or Club event from the safety and comfort of your living room and connect with the people and teachers you have met through Moonflower Yoga.   Some of the “snowbirds” who are in Florida and California are joining in.  By attending a great online yoga or mediation class, you are doing 2 important things:   Firstly, you are taking care of YOU by taking steps toward stress reduction in this challenging time, as well as moving your body which might be getting less physical activity than normal as we stay indoors.    Secondly, you are helping a small business such as Moonflower Yoga, which supports the local community, survive.    Small businesses such as Moonflower Yoga need you!   Please help small businesses survive this challenging time and keep our local Long Island communities alive.  Thank you!