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There are NO membership fees or annual contracts to sign at Moonflower Yoga!   You can simply register for a single class or workshop from the Schedule tab and enjoy a great activity!


Introducing Yoga Your Way!

Moonflower Yoga is pleased to offer a unique new offering entitled “Yoga Your Way!”.    With the implementation of Yoga Your Way, there are online-only yoga and meditation classes, as well as a NEW hybrid class program where you can choose whether to attend specific classes online via Zoom or attend in person for that particular class.  Further info on Yoga Your Way, as well a listing of which classes fall into each new category is on the “Descriptions” tab.   The “Schedule” tab above also indicates the type of class next to the class title.  Pricing info for the new Yoga Your Way! classes is listed below.

Pricing for classes under the new Yoga Your Way program beginning June 13, 2021:

Under Yoga Your Way!, there are different class prices depending on the type of class you select.  If your budget is limited, a 30-minute Zoom class, priced at just $11, is a great option.   Below is info on all the fee structures:

  • 30-minute Zoom-only class: $11 per class. This is unchanged from previously.
  • 60-minute Zoom-only class (NEW!): $18 per class.
  • 60-minute hybrid class if you are attending via Zoom only (NEW!): $18 per class.
  • 60-minute hybrid class if you are attending in person (NEW!): All attendees will pay $18 per class (the 60-minute Zoom hybrid price) plus an in-person entry fee of $5 per class per person. This will be deducted from a special in-person entry fee package which you can purchase (see below).
  • New in-person entry fee package (NEW!): If you wish to attend the new hybrid class in person, you first need to register and pay the basic hybrid class fee of $18 per class.  Indicate in your registration or by email that you would prefer to attend the class in-person.  We will send you a PayPal invoice for a new supplemental hybrid class in-person package.  The hybrid class package is $25 and would cover the supplemental fee for attending any 5 hybrid classes in person at the studio.   After the finances have been settled, you would advise us by email sent to that you would like to attend the hybrid class in person.  If less than 4 people have requested an in-person spot for that specific class, you will be advised by email that your in-person spot is confirmed.  If more than 4 people have requested an in-person spot, the names will be put in a hat and 4 names will be randomly selected using a lottery system.   You will be advised by email if your name is one of the 4 available to attend in person.  You will only be charged the supplemental fee of $5 per class if your name is confirmed as an in-person attendee.
  • Earn FREE classes for the month! For every $100 you spend in a calendar month, you will receive a FREE 30-minute class as a thank you.   Just let us know which FREE 30-minute class you would like to attend during the month.


Click on the “Book Now” button below or on the “Schedule” tab above to purchase a reservation in the class or workshop you would like to attend.

To book from the Schedule tab, go to the date of the activity you would like to attend.  Double click on that date.   You will see a description of all the activities for that date.  Select which activity on that date you would like to attend by double clicking on it, and you will then be directed to a registration screen.   Complete the info on the registration screen.  When you are ready to checkout, a PayPal screen will appear.  It should take you generally no more than 3 minutes to register for a single class or workshop from start to finish using this method.


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You do NOT need a PayPal account to register for a single class or workshop online; any major credit card or debit card can be used to purchase an individual class or workshop.  You would be making your purchase on the secure PayPal site for your safety and protection.  You  will receive a written confirmation by email from Moonflower Yoga and a written confirmation by email from PayPal when your registration and payment is completed.  There is NO service fee charged to you by PayPal for purchasing a Moonflower Yoga activity in this manner.



Workshop & Event Prices:

Moonflower Yoga also offers great workshops, training sessions and events.  The prices for these activities vary depending on the activity.   For workshops, you will also see the price in the description of the workshop on the “Workshops” tab above.   Reiki training sessions are currently on hold due to the pandemic and will resume in the near future.   For Reiki training sessions, when resumed, you will see the price next to the description of the training on the “Reiki” tab above.


Cancellation Policy for in-studio classes, workshops, and training sessions:

Moonflower Yoga offers semi-private classes, workshops, and training sessions.  Because our size is small, each space in our studio room is reserved.  If you need to cancel an in-person class that you have booked, you can do so provided you have given us at least 24 hours’ notice.  We will issue a credit to you which can be used within 2 months of the date of your cancellation.  NO credits will be issued for in-studio classes that are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.   For in-studio workshops where we are holding a physical space for you, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice  in order to issue a credit to you.  For Reiki training sessions, when resumed post-pandemic, because we are limiting this to 2 people, we require a minimum of one week’s notice in order to issue a credit.   Thank you for your understanding.