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Learn something new at the Moonflower Yoga workshops!!

Moonflower Yoga offers informative and motivating workshops on a variety of topics. Come join us, learn something interesting, and meet new people!


Evening of Guided Meditation and Peacefulness with Bhante Sujatha!

Next date:  Thursday, June 27th, 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM (rescheduled date)

Add some peacefulness and loving kindness to your life! Moonflower Yoga is happy to offer these fabulous, guided meditations led by Bhante Sujatha.  Bhante teaches loving-kindness meditation to people around the globe for all those seeking the art of happiness and contentment. His approach to meditation is deep and simple, bringing core Buddhist teachings to everyone in a way that is practical and easy to understand. A joyful, radiant, funny and wildly energetic monk, Bhante will help you obtain peace that can only be found in deep silence.  Join Bhante in this lovely, guided meditation offered via Zoom and add some loving kindness and peacefulness to your life.   NO prior meditation experience is needed and can be comfortably and safely done from the warmth of your home thru Zoom.

About Bhante: Bhante Sujatha is a 30+ year Buddhist Monk, and he is singularly focused on adding more love in the world.  Bhante is originally from Sri Lanka and is the head monk / abbot of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center in Woodstock, IL.  He offers workshops and events worldwide.

Price: $25 per person, per date.   A portion of your proceeds go to Bhante’s “Mothers & Incubator Project” in Sri Lanka.

Book Now! You can register for this activity by clicking on the “Schedule” tab above and following the simple registration and payment steps.  Approximately 2-3 days before the event, you will receive a separate Zoom invitation email with the Zoom info you will need to join us.


Reduce your stress in this lovely, relaxing evening offered online via Zoom!

Next date:   Wednesday, June 26th, 8:00 PM – 8:45 PM; also available Wednesday, July 24th, 8:00 PM – 8:45 PM

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep and Deep Meditation)

Feeling stressed?  Come join us for this very relaxing evening from the safety and comfort of your living room or bedroom!

Yoga Nidra – known as yogic sleep – is a deep meditation used to promote physical, mental and emotional relaxation.  You will be completely supported in a reclining position as you are led through a deep guided meditation where you can set your Sankalpa (heart-felt intention).  You can do this grounding and de-stressing workshop while reclining in bed, or on your couch, or on the floor of a quiet room in your home.  NO previous yoga or meditation experience needed, and all are welcome.   It is intended to induce total physical, mental and emotional relaxation.   It is believed that that one hour of yoga nidra can be equivalent to four hours of sleep!

Additional info:

Yoga nidra can lead you to a blissful state, and in these stressful times it can be a wonderful way to feel better.

Research on yoga nidra has found that some benefits may include decreasing anxiety, reducing insomnia and stress, helping you release negative habits, and creating a sense of peace and calm.

Yoga nidra is different than traditional meditation.   Here are some of the differences:

– Meditation can be done seated or reclining.  You are alert during meditation and sometimes you may focus on your breath or a mantra (a word or series of words).  You are usually in a waking state of consciousness.

-Yoga nidra is always done in a reclining state so you can completely relax.  In yoga nidra, the focus is on the dreaming state of consciousness.  Your mind is awake but you move past the dreaming state of consciousness into the deep sleep state.   This helps you to further relax.

Please have a folded blanket, towel, or pillow handy.  An eye pillow or folded washcloth is also nice to have on hand.  If you have a favorite essential oil or lotion, such as lavender, you may wish to have this nearby as well.   All are welcome for this relaxing evening!

Price: $22 per person, per date.

Book Now! You need to register in advance for this activity.  You can reserve your spot by selecting this activity from the Schedule tab above and following the simple registration and payment steps.   One-two days before the event, all PAID participants will receive an email with a Zoom invitation link to join, as well as instructions on working with Zoom if you are new to Zoom.   If you do not have a Zoom account, you need to download the FREE Zoom app on your phone, tablet, or computer in order to attend.



In the Kitchen with Bob!  (a fun online, interactive workshop)

Next date: Sunday, July 14th, 4:15 PM – 6:15 PM

Join Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy, and her husband, Bob, for a LIVE, interactive cooking workshop from their kitchen via Zoom!  We will supply you with the recipes in advance of the workshop so you can cook along with us from your own kitchen, and we  can all eat together at the end of the workshop.    If you prefer to just watch the preparation and cooking, that’s fine too.   As this is interactive, you can ask questions and have fun with us.  Come join us for a delicious workshop!  All are welcome.

Price: $29 per person, per date.

Book Now! You need to register in advance for this workshop.  You can reserve your spot by selecting this workshop from the Schedule tab above and following the simple registration and payment steps.   Several days before the workshop, we will supply all PAID participants with the recipes including the ingredients needed to prepare the 2 food items from your own kitchen with us.  One-two days before the workshop, all PAID participants will receive an email with a Zoom invitation link to join the workshop, as well as instructions on working with Zoom if you are new to Zoom.   If you do not have a Zoom account, you need to download the FREE Zoom app on your phone, tablet, or computer in order to attend this workshop.



Restorative Yoga Poetry Night with Melinda Reidy

Date: Wednesday, July 10th, 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM (online activity)

Come join us for this unique Restorative Yoga Poetry Night!  Melinda will guide you through a sequence of relaxing restorative yoga poses, while reading a selection of inspiring poems. The poetry recited aloud will feel like a guided meditation, deepening the experience of each posture. Both poetry and yoga encourage you to connect with your body, mind and surroundings. Using poetry and yoga together, we will harness a sense of awareness, peace and gratitude. Join us for a relaxing and heartfelt night!

Price: $22 per person, per date.

Book Now! You need to register in advance for this activity.  You can reserve your spot by selecting this activity from the Schedule tab above and following the simple registration and payment steps.   One-two days before the event, all PAID participants will receive an email with a Zoom invitation link to join, as well as instructions on working with Zoom if you are new to Zoom.   If you do not have a Zoom account, you need to download the FREE Zoom app on your phone, tablet, or computer in order to attend.


Sound Healing Gong Evening with Guided Meditation (Cathi Nashak) – in-person event

Date: Friday, July 12th, 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM – LIMITED SPACE STILL AVAILABLE – BOOK NOW!

Melt away tension in this lovely meditation & gong relaxation evening with Cathi! Release the stress of your day through guided meditation and the wonderful, relaxing sound healing from Cathi’s beautiful gongs. The gong therapy helps to restore the body and mind to a state of peace. You will be reclining on your yoga mat for this event.

Please note to keep the space safe, there will be no sharing of props, and you will need to bring your own yoga mat and, if desired, a pillow or cushion for your head and a blanket to cover your body.  If you are not feeling well or have recently been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID, we ask that you please stay at home.  Thank you for your understanding.

Price: $25 per person.

Book now as space is limited to 4 participants! You can register for this activity by clicking on the “Schedule” tab above, selecting this activity, and following the simple registration and payment steps.




Mindful Drumming with Susan Baron, PsyD

Date:  You just missed a session!  Stay tuned for the announcement of the next date.   

Join us for the return of this wonderful, in-person Mindful Drumming event with Susan Baron!  NO prior experience needed, and we provide the drum you will be using for the workshop. Past participants felt more relaxed at the end of the workshop and enjoyed it. Please note there will be breaks during the workshop so you can stretch and ask questions.

About Mindful Drumming:  Susan Baron studied Mindful Drumming with Ghanaian master drummer Kokomon Clottey in Oakland, California. Kokomon describes Mindful Drumming as “an ancient wisdom for unleashing the human spirit and healing community.” When two or more participants are present, the facilitator plays simple synchronized and repetitive rhythms on a hand drum such as a djembe. This repetition of synchronized rhythms creates a sense of joy and wellbeing. Evidence shows that when people drum together in sync, fear falls away and the rhythms ignite the brain receptors, which gives rise to the phenomenon of entrainment. Entrainment is the experience of feeling connected to one another. In this state, there exists the opportunity for coming together as a community.


About Susan:  For more than 4 decades, Susan Baron, PsyD, LMT has worked with the body as an instrument of healing. As a NY licensed massage therapist, Susan practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area with clients from Dance Medicine & Sports Medicine at St Francis Hospital, the San Francisco Ballet, and the world-renowned musical revue “Beach Blanket Babylon.” In addition, Susan has worked with clients focused on strengthening their overall health & wellbeing. She has also been privileged to work with individuals entering their end-of-life transition, easing both patients and families through this time of worry and grief. Susan earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. For 10 years, she treated patients in community mental health settings and at a federally qualified community health center in the SF Bay Area. Susan is an Integrative Therapist of BodyMindSoul with emphasis on helping individuals who are dealing with stress, grief and loss, chronic pain management, adjusting to one’s body following surgery, as well as an interest in community building and conflict resolution. She is the author of The Lived Experience of Masterful Drummers Who Facilitate Synchronized Drumming Gatherings: A Transcendental Phenomenological Study (2015). In facilitating Mindful Drumming gatherings, Susan provides synchronized drumming and rhythm as a nonverbal means to develop embodied listening and empathy, to nurture empathic presence, and to create a safe and often joyful environment for transformation and community healing to take place.

Price: $30 per person which includes beverages and a delicious, homemade dessert.

Book now as space is limited! You can register for this activity by clicking on the “Schedule” tab above and following the simple registration and payment steps.


Stay tuned for the rescheduled date of this wonderful NEW workshop!

Yin Yang Necklace workshop with Carol Procopio


Yin and Yang, the ancient Chinese symbol of dualism.  Dark and Light. Feminine and Masculine. The balance of complimentary forces.

Join us in a NEW workshop led by Carol Procopio and learn how to make your own balancing and grounding necklace using Red Jasper with Golden Obsidian accents and three Yin Yang symbols made from carved boxwood, inlaid with brass and turquoise howlite.   All supplies will be provided to you so that you can create this beautiful necklace.  Check this space for the rescheduled date for this great workshop!







Mindful Drumming workshop with Susan Baron

Susan Baron (PsyD, LMT) has more than 4 decades of experience working with the body as an instrument of healing. On Friday night at the studio, Susan led the Moonflower Yoga attendees in a wonderful and fun Mindful Drumming event.  Susan supplied the drums, and each person selected the drum of their choosing, as Susan then guided them through a synchronized drumming sequence.  Drumming together is very relaxing, and the attendees loved it. Thank you to Susan for a great night!  And thanks to Bob for a yummy dessert which was enjoyed after the workshop. This will be making a return engagement on the schedule.  Scroll up for info on the next date.  Hope you can attend us for a future Mindful Drumming workshop!




Yin Yoga and Herbal Tea workshop with Rose Edelman

Rose & some of the participants

Rose led a lovely yin yoga workshop at the studio, as well as simultaneously online, where the students further explored the wonderful benefits of yin yoga where you deeply stretch the fascia muscle to help improve flexibility and strength, while also promoting relaxation.  Rose then continued the fun afternoon with an opportunity to make your own organic tea blend from several different organic, dried tea leaves.  Bob made a yummy vegan lemon-lavender cake to accompany the tea.  It was a lovely afternoon, and thanks to Rose and the participants for a great workshop.




Rose explaining yin yoga




OM necklace workshop via Zoom with Carol Procopio

Carol Procopio, who has led several great creative workshops at Moonflower Yoga, taught a wonderful OM necklace workshop where each participant made the beautiful necklace you see pictured on the left from the comfort of their home using materials we supplied in advance.  Carol gave each person step-by-step instructions, and we had fun making the necklace together.  This lovely necklace is a unique design from Carol.  Stay tuned for future activities from Carol!






Healing Through Loving Kindness Workshop with Bhante Sujatha

Moonflower Yoga hosted a great workshop with Bhante Sujatha, who is the Abbot of the Blue Lotus Temple, a 40+ year Buddhist Monk, and longtime practitioner of meditation.  Bhante provided insight into ways in which we could reduce stress, anxiety, worry, and depression and gain a sense of empowerment over challenging issues in our lives.  He shared tips for living in the present moment to help us obtain inner peace.  Bhante also led the group in a guided meditation.  It was a wonderful event!  Thank you to Bhante and the participants for an insightful evening.  Scroll up to see the next date for a future evening with Bhante.




White Lotus Flower Mala Workshop with Carol Procopio

Carol brought another great workshop to Moonflower Yoga as the participants created a lovely White Lots Flower mala bead necklace.  The mala beads necklace consisted of 108 crystal beads including red creek jasper beads, moonstone beads, brass lotus flower spacer beads, a carved white jadeite lotus flower guru bead and a tassel made from sari silk ribbon.  Each person created their mala necklace from these crystals, and then Carol led the group in a guided singing bowl meditation where they practiced using their mala bead strand.   It was a fun and creative afternoon!   Many thanks to Carol for her lovely design and to the attendees who helped make this such a fun afternoon project.


The participants with their completed mala beads as Carol plays her singing bowls












Anatomy of a Yoga Practice: The Warrior Poses – Awakening Insight, Poise, and Strength with Lynn Pieroni


Lynn Pieroni led another chapter in her great “Anatomy of a Yoga Practice” series at Moonflower Yoga – this time concentrating on the warrior poses which are often practiced in yoga classes.  Lynn broke down the poses in great detail to provide further insight into the background on the poses, as well as alignment cues to create more ease and fluidity when practicing these postures.  It was a very insightful afternoon.   Thank you to Lynn and the women who participated in this great workshop!  Part 4 of this continuing series will be offered in the near future.




Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop

The new year was off to a good start in our Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop.  The participants learned proven techniques for mapping out their goals for the new year, followed by the creation of a vision board to reflect their goals for the new year and provide inspiration.  It was lots of fun and the vision boards turned out great.  Thanks to everyone who attended!





Create a Positive Affirmations Bracelet workshop with Carol:

Carol led another great workshop at Moonflower Yoga where each person made their own special positive affirmations bracelet. The bracelets included crystal gemstones as well as metal charms hand-stamped by Carol as a reminder to be positive. Each bracelet was unique and special. Many thanks to Carol for bringing another fun, great workshop to Moonflower Yoga!




Create Your Own Memory Box workshop with Carol

We had a very creative afternoon as each person assembled their own unique memory box. The boxes were painted and then individually designed with favorite photos as well as other materials. The boxes could be used to store special items or just to enjoy. Some of the memory boxes were made as special holiday gifts. Carol did a great job guiding each person as the beautiful boxes were completed. Many thanks to Carol and the participants for a fun crafting workshop!



Is Your Wonton Soup Endangered? Book discussion with Jeri Fink

Author Jeri Fink

Multi-time author Jeri Fink spoke at Moonflower Yoga about her informative new book “Is Your Wonton Soup Endangered?”. Jeri’s book gives simple advice on things everyone can do to help reduce the effects of climate change. It was a very interesting afternoon, and everyone learned a lot. Thank you, Jeri, for a great afternoon!









Anatomy of a Yoga Practice: Moon Salutations – Exploring the Feminine Energy within with Lynn

Lynn Pieroni led a wonderful chapter in her ongoing Anatomy of a Yoga Practice workshop series. In this edition, Lynn explored the gentle and quieting flow of poses in the Moon Salutation which help balance you both physically as well as emotionally. The postures were designed to stretch muscles and build flexibility to soothe built-up tension in the physical body — relieving stress in the hips, legs, lower back, and shoulders. Lynn also focused on the emotional body to help bring balance to both the right and left sides of the brain to inspire creativity and stimulate natural intuitiveness. The participants had a great time, and thanks to Lynn and the participants for a fabulous afternoon. Stay tuned as we announce the next chapter in this great continuing workshop series.



Gathering for Self-Realization workshop with Chandresh

7th generation spiritual leader and author Chandresh Bhardwaj returned to Moonflower Yoga with another great addition to his fabulous, EXCLUSIVE series for Moonflower Yoga. Chandresh focused in this October meeting on ways to help relieve anxiety and worry by using the meditation tools outlined in this chapter. It was another great night, and thank you, Chandresh, for this insightful evening!





Summer Harvest: Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten-Free Cooking workshop with Rose Edelman

Rose’s raw vegan lasagna w/cashew creme

We had a delicious and refreshing Summer Harvest workshop with Rose! In addition to teaching at Moonflower Yoga, Rose is a vegan chef and prepared 3 wonderful vegan items for the participants to enjoy. She answered many questions regarding the vegan diet and provided helpful handouts to the participants. After preparing the food live at the studio, each person had a sampling of the wonderful food which was yummy! If you could not join us for this summer workshop, stay tuned as we will be adding another wonderful chapter to these vegan cooking workshops in the fall.






Enjoying the delicious vegan food from Rose













Singing bowl evening with Jessica Saraswati – August 2019

It was great to have Jessica Saraswati back at Moonflower Yoga for one of her deeply relaxing singing bowl meditations. Jessica has an amazing array of lovely singing bowls which can help you deeply relax while she also leads the students in a guided meditation. Thanks to Jessica and the participants for a wonderful evening!




Gathering for Self-Realization workshop with Chandresh

We had a wonderful July night as 7th generation spiritual leader and author Chandresh Bhardwaj returned to Moonflower Yoga with another chapter in his fascinating series. After providing some humorous and insightful personal experiences of his own spiritual growth, Chandresh shared some important meditation techniques which the participants can use after leaving the workshop. He then led the group in a relaxing meditation utilizing these techniques. Thank you to Chandresh for another lovely and peaceful evening! Chandresh will be offering this wonderful workshop series on a regular basis for Moonflower Yoga.


Natural Cures for Stress, Mild Anxiety and Lack of Energy with Jovanka Ciares

Jovanka & participants

It was a fabulous and informative night as Herbalist and Coach, Jovanka Ciares, shared natural herbal remedies that can help reduce stress and improve energy levels in her fascinating workshop . Jovanka discussed the importance of the circadian rhythm to manage low energy and stress, stress hormones and how they affect your emotional state, the important nutrients that can help reduce mild anxiety and chronic stress, and provided information on adaptogens, nervines and other herbs to reduce stress, mild anxiety, and lack of energy. Jovanka also prepared a herbal mylk tea for everyone to enjoy containing the herbs we discussed which was delicious. It was a fun and interactive night. Many thanks to Jovanka and all the participants for a great workshop!


Moonflower Yoga owner Nancy with Jovanka













Mother’s Day medallion necklace workshop with Carol Procopio

Carol helping the participants

Carol designed a beautiful, unique medallion necklace with a heron pendant and precious crystals. She led the group as each person then created their own medallion necklace utilizing this design. The necklaces came out beautiful! Some of the participants made these as Mother’s Day gifts for a special person in their lives; others treated themselves to a lovely necklace. Many thanks to Carol for her ingenuity in creating this unique design and to all the women who participated in this fun workshop!



Wearing the lovely heron necklaces












Gathering for Self-Realization workshop with Chandresh

Chandresh (center) with some of the participants

Seventh generation spiritual leader and author Chandresh Bhardwaj returned to Moonflower Yoga with a wonderful workshop in May. Chandresh shared some personal experiences and discussed the positive values of meditation. He taught the group some meditation techniques to help them with their meditation practice and then led everyone in a guided meditation with a singing bowl. Thank you to Chandresh for a lovely and peaceful evening!




Vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free cooking workshop with Rose

Rose serving one of the courses

We had a very yummy and informative afternoon as Rose made a delicious 3 course vegan meal for our participants. The menu consisted of arugula with poached pear and herbed cashew chevre, shaved fennell and maple-glazed pecans, with a main course of pulled BBQ jackfruit with cabbage slaw and cauliflower rice, and a yummy dessert of strawberry and coconut creme tarte with fresh flowers and herbal tea. The participants learned a lot, and the vegan food from Rose was delicious. Many thanks to Rose and all who attended for such a great workshop!






Enjoying the food













Create a beautiful mala bracelet workshop with Carol Procopio:

Carol led a great and unique workshop at Moonflower Yoga where participants created one of three different mala bracelets using precious crystal gemstones and charms of their choice. The bracelets are a meditation tool, as well as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Each bracelet was unique and lovely. A big thank you to Carol for organizing such a creative workshop and to all who attended.









Kitchen Pharmacy: Using Herbs to Help Heal You with Jovanka Ciares –


Jovanka (center in white) with the participants

Clinical herbalist, wellness expert; detox specialist, nutrition educator & author, Jovanka Ciares, gave a wonderful and informative workshop at Moonflower Yoga on the use of everyday herbs to improve good health. These gems from Mother Nature can help you feel better without dangerous side effects. We also sampled several herbs, and Jovanka provided a “goody bag” for the participants with a delicious tea to try. Each person had an opportunity to ask questions, and Jovanka provided great suggestions. Thank you to Jovanka and the participants for a very intriguing evening!




Jovanka & Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy Weshkoff















Malas, Mantra, and Meditation with Carol Procopio – Dec 2018

Carol & participants with their new mala necklaces

It was a very fun afternoon as Carol Procopio helped the participants create a beautiful, chakra-based, crystal mala beads necklace. Mala bead necklaces are used for meditation purposes and also can be worn as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Each person created their mala bead necklace from scratch, and they came out great! The participants then practiced using their mala beads in a guided meditation. Many thanks to Carol and the participants for a fabulous workshop!






Mala participant Suzanne creating her necklace













HOW TO MEDITATE workshop with Chandresh Bhardwaj 

We had a great Friday evening workshop with 7th generation spiritual adviser and best-selling author, Chandresh Bhardwaj , as he led a very fascinating workshop on “How to Meditate”. Meditation is wonderful tool to help you relax, de-stress, and discover more about yourself. Chandresh shared his own experiences with meditation, and then shared some very simple tips that anyone could use. From there, he led the group in a guided meditation utilizing the tools he had shared. Big thank you to Chandresh for a fascinating evening!






HEALING THE HEART meditation gathering with Chandresh Bhardwaj:

We had a very special afternoon on July 29th as seventh-generation spiritual leader and best-selling author, Chandresh Bhardwaj, brought a fascinating “Healing the Heart” discussion to Moonflower Yoga. Chandresh discussed many of the reasons why we may be holding on to painful, past situations, and he provided some tools to help release them. Chandresh then led the group in a meditation practice and was accompanied on the singing bowls by Jessica Saraswati. Thank you to Chandresh, Jessica, and the participants for a beautiful workshop!




Discover Essential Oils and make an essential oil gift

Making essential oil gifts

We had a fragrant and relaxing afternoon in the Discover Essential Oils workshop with Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy Weshkoff. Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and are made from plants. We sampled about 15 different oils and discovered more about their properties and the best ways in which to use them. After that, each person had an opportunity to make an essential oil gift to take home with them so they could enjoy the beautiful aroma of essential oils after leaving the workshop. Thank you to everyone who attended this fun day!





Wisdom of Dreams workshop with Liza Johnson

Liza Johnson (right) with some of the participants

It was a fascinating evening with author Liza Johnson as she led a very interesting “Wisdom of Dreams” workshop at Moonflower Yoga! Liza shared her extensive knowledge on dreams and dream interpretations which was intriguing and gave everyone new insight into their dreams. Each participant had an opportunity to share an important dream, and Liza offered insight into their dream. Many thanks to Liza for a very interesting evening and to the participants who shared their dreams.






Create Your Own Mala Beads workshop with Jessica and Adria – November 2017:

We had a very fun Sunday afternoon as Jessica and Adria led the participants as they created their own mala beads strand of 108 beautiful crystals. Mala beads date back thousands of years and are used as a meditation tool and can also be worn as a decorative item. Each person selected the crystals that felt right to them and with help from Jessica and Adria assembled these into their beautiful strands complete with a handmade tassel. Everyone’s came out amazing! Big thank you to everyone who made this a great Sunday workshop event at Moonflower Yoga!







Heart Chakra Anahata workshop with Theresa Mariano Doyle

Theresa at the workshop

Theresa at the workshop

Theresa led a wonderful yoga workshop on May 6th where the participants learned about the heart chakra and practiced various postures to help open the heart. By stretching on bolsters, blankets and pillows, the participants were able to reduce anxiety and stress, while relieving tension in the neck and shoulders. Many thanks to Theresa and the participants for a fabulous afternoon and to Bob for the delicious chocolate babka. Stay tuned for info on Theresa’s next workshop at Moonflower Yoga!





Sip ‘n’ Paint with Frank- The final results!It was a very fun afternoon as we let our creative juices flow in a Sip ‘n’ Paint workshop with Frank at Moonflower Yoga. We were all novices but yet the final pictures came out great! Frank gave everyone step-by-step instructions on how to create our selected picture, and the results were amazing. We each had a lovely picture to take home to hang on our walls. Many thanks to Frank and the participants for a great afternoon!




Having fun painting

Having fun painting











Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop with Nancy

Compiling the vision boards

Compiling the vision boards

2017 got off to a great start for the participants in our Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop led by Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy Weshkoff. Nancy shared proven goal setting tools for helping the participants reach their goals. After outlining the goals, each person created a fun vision board as a daily, motivational reminder of the goal that we wish to accomplish in 2017. Thanks to everyone who made it a great afternoon and good luck with your goals!




2 of the completed vision boards

2 of the completed vision boards












Create Your Own Mala Beads with Jessica and Adria

Jessica, Adria, and the participants with the mala beads they created

Jessica, Adria, and the participants with the mala beads they created

It was a creative afternoon as Jessica and Adria led the participants to create their own strand of 108 mala beads. Each mala bead strand was compiled using crystals and precious stones that we supplied, and each one was unique as you were able to choose from a variety of materials. Mala beads are a wonderful meditation tool that enable you to count your mantras while meditating. The mala beads also make a beautiful piece of jewelry in addition to a meditation tool.





Creating the mala bead strands

Creating the mala bead strands












Tarot Cards workshop

Learning to read the Tarot cards

Learning to read the Tarot cards

We had an intriguing evening of fun in part one of our two-part Tarot Cards workshop with Connie. During this workshop, Connie explained some of the historical background on Tarot cards and how to tap into the wisdom of the cards. Connie reviewed the major arcana cards, and at the end of the evening, the participants did a basic Tarot Card reading for themselves. Part 2 takes place in July where the participants learn how to do readings for other people and alternate card spreads. Many thanks to Connie and the participants for a great night!




Astrology workshop, Part 2, with Connie

Connie & the participants

Reviewing the astrology charts

Friday, the 13th, was the launch of this new workshop from Connie – a sequel to her previous Astrology one workshop. In Astrology one, Connie prepared birth charts for everyone, and we discussed astrology basics & an overview of your birth chart. In this fascinating sequel, Connie delved further into what your birth chart tells you about you and the people in your lives. We also discussed the birth chart houses, the planets, and astrological sign traits. Many thanks to Connie and the attendees for an intriguing evening!






Spring Cooking with Bob! 

Yummy food sampled while Bob shared cooking tips

Yummy food sampled while Bob shared cooking tips

There was delicious food served in our latest installment of our Cooking with Bob! workshop series. In this Spring edition, Bob shared vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free cooking tips, and delicious food was served including roasted asparagus soup, sun-dried tomato and olive hummus, maple-glazed tempeh with quinoa, & a raw chocolate vegan “cheese cake”. Donna, one of the participants, helped Bob make raw date-nut brownie balls. Huge thanks to Bob for a great culinary experience and to the participants. Stay tuned for the date of our next Cooking with Bob! series.





Food Combination, Digestion & Its Relation to Emotional Health

Jovanka and the workshop participants

Jovanka & the participants

It was a fascinating workshop as wellness expert, detox specialist, nutrition educator & author, Jovanka Ciares, made her only Long Island appearance this year to discuss how we eat. It was great to have Jovanka make a return engagement to Moonflower Yoga! Jovanka provided a wealth of information and taught us how combining certain types of food groups can make a huge impact on our health. We also made healthy smoothie bowls to sample with pineapple, bananas, ginger, avocado, coconut milk, parsley & crunchy toppings – it was delicious. Many thanks to Jovanka for a very interesting evening!





Sound Wash workshop with Lori and Jessica –

Jessica, Lori & the participants

Jessica, Lori & the participants

We had a fabulous Sound Wash workshop from Jessica and Lori in March with an encore in May. These incredible workshops included the intoxicating sound of Jessica’s multiple singing bowls and her huge crystal bowl, as well as Lori’s incredible gongs. The workshops also featured light Kundalini movement, mantra, and meditation. Everyone loved it! And thanks also to Bob for the yummy chocolate orange vegan cake.





Jessica, Nancy & Lori

Jessica, Nancy & Lori









Astrology workshop with Connie:

Connie & the participants

Connie & the participants

It was a magical evening on March 11th as Connie led a fascinating Astrology workshop at Moonflower Yoga. Connie prepared unique birth charts for each person, so that you would know how the stars & planets were aligned when you were born giving you a great insight into your personality. Connie explained the birth charts and also reviewed the history of astrology and provided background on the astrological signs. Many thanks to Connie and the participants for a great evening at Moonflower Yoga! We will be offering this fun workshop again at a future date – watch this page for further details.




IET Basic Training certification – March 2016

Chris & the IET graduates

Chris & the IET graduates

Many thanks to Christine Senetto for a fabulous 8-hour IET/Angel Healing training session at Moonflower Yoga on March 5th. The participants learned this beautiful healing energy and how working with the healing angels can bring you calm and inner peace. At the end of the day, all the participants received a basic training certification and were able to do IET on themselves as well as others. If you’d like to receive background on IET/Angel Healing, join us for our monthly IET/Healing Angel class on Wednesday evenings (check the class schedule tab for the next date) and stay tuned for the next date of our 8-hour training session.






Partner Yoga workshop


working together on forward & back bends

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we had a very fun Partner Yoga workshop at Moonflower Yoga hosted by Dona and Sue. The participants teamed up to work together moving through certain poses. Lots of laughs were shared. Following the workshop, we had a yummy, vegan chocolate mousse cake made by Bob, as well as some chocolate truffles. Big thank you to Dona, Sue and the participants for a great launch to the Valentine’s Day weekend.













Introduction to Ayurveda & Discover your Dosha type

Nancy & the participants

Nancy & the participants

It was an informative evening in our Ayurveda & Dosha workshop led by Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy Weshkoff. The participants discovered ways to help create better balance by following their body’s natural “dosha” type through the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is “the science of life” and it has been practiced successfully for thousands of years. Each of us is born with a unique mind-body constitution known as our “dosha” type. fter completing a questionnaire to determine your dosha type, the participants learned how adapting your diet and daily lifestyle to match your natural “dosha” type can help you feel better. Everyone received informative handouts to further explore this topic. Many thanks to the participants for an interesting evening & Bob for the delicious tri-dosha food.



Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop

The participants selecting images for their vision boards

The participants selecting images for their vision boards

January is an ideal time to set goals for what you want to accomplish. In our Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop, the participants learned how to use proven goal-setting tools to create a plan to accomplish their goals. From there, we had fun as each person created their individual vision boards reflecting their goals. The vision boards were all unique and beautiful!! Thanks to Christine Senetto for her help with this workshop, and to all the participants. Good luck with your goals!







Mala beads workshop with Jessica and Adria:

Jessica, Adria and the participants with their unique mala beads

Jessica, Adria and the participants with their unique mala beads

It was a fun afternoon in our mala beads workshop on November 22nd led by Jessica and Adria. The participants picked the precious crystal stones that they liked best and from there made a beautiful, handmade mala bead with their combination of materials. Each mala was unique and beautiful! After the malas were completed, Jessica led the group in meditation using the new mala beads. To complete the workshop, Bob made a yummy, lavender-infused vegan “cheesecake” and his famous hummus. Great way to spend Sunday afternoon!







Summer Cooking with Bob!


Bob preparing the zucchini swirls

It was a very yummy August evening in our continuing Cooking with Bob! series. In this latest installment of this great workshop series, the focus was on utilizing summer foods and preparing a delicious raw, vegan 3-course meal. We had 2 appetizers: Thai cold melon soup and sun-dried tomato hummus The main course was zucchini swirls with a pesto sauce. The luscious dessert was a pineapple coconut vegan “cheese” cake. We also had chocolate walnut balls. The participants helped and it was a fun evening. Bob also shared gluten-free tips and provided handouts. Stay turned our next installment of our fabulous Cooking with Bob! workshop series which will take place in November before the holidays.





Spiritual Development for Goddesses – July meeting:

Connie and the goddesses

Connie and the goddesses

On the night of the blue moon, we had a very special full-moon edition of our intriguing Spiritual Development for Goddesses workshop series. As part of the blue moon theme, Connie led the group in special meditations and activities that concentrated on releasing things that no longer serve us. We also discovered the history of 2 wonderful goddesses and discussed our own goddess power. Bob made a yummy vegan lemon-lavender “cheesecake” and homemade sun-dried tomato hummus. Many thanks to Connie and the participants for a great evening at Moonflower Yoga and to Bob for the delicious food! Stay tuned for the date for our next installment.




June Gallery Reading with Joe Perreta:

Joe Perreta (in the middle) with the Gallery Reading participants

Joe Perreta (in the middle) with the Gallery Reading participants

It was an intriguing June night as Joe Perreta led another fascinating gallery reading. In a gallery reading, Joe delivers messages from crossed-over loved ones. It was intriguing to hear some of the messages which Joe was able to provide. Thanks to Joe for a wonderful evening!  enlightening info!






Tarot Cards (Parts 1 and 2) It was an intriguing two evenings in March and April, with our two-part Tarot Card workshop led by Connie. Connie explained a bit on the history of Tarot cards and then delved into the cards in the Major and Minor Arcanas. The participants learned a basic reading in part one. In part two, everyone learned how to do a 5-card reading and a Celtic Cross reading. The results were amazing! Many thanks to Connie and all the participants for this fun and fascinating workshop.






Spiritual Development for Goddesses – Feb. session – with Connie: The goddesses were in the house on Friday, February 6, as the Rev. Constance Barley returned to Moonflower Yoga with her wonderful Spiritual Development for Goddesses workshop. Connie shared her wisdom with us, and we learned more about a specific goddess that could be used for inspiration. There was a seated meditation to work with your inner spirit, as well as a lovely standing, rainfall meditation. Each participant received a crystal from Connie. And Bob made a delicious lemon, poppy seed cake with his famous hummus for the workshop.





Valentine’s Day Essential Oil workshop creating rosemary-mint shave cream, lavender bubble bath, and finishing salt: We had lots of fun on Saturday, January 24, as we created very special handmade Valentine’s Day gifts using essential oils! The participants made rosemary-mint shave cream with shea butter and coconut oil, lavender bubble bath accented with dried lavender sprigs, and lemon-rosemary finishing salt. Many thanks to Jessica and everyone who attended for a great afternoon!

Jessica and some of the participants at the start of the workshop


Participants creating their unique Valentine’s Day gifts












Introduction to Essential Oils workshop with Jessica:

Jessica (2nd from right) with some of the workshop participants enjoying the yummy food made with essential oils

We had fun on Nov. 15, as Jessica led an informative Introduction to Essential Oils workshop at Moonflower Yoga. The participants sampled the oils while learning their multiple uses. The entire Moonflower Yoga studio was bathed in a lovely aroma of the beautiful oils! We also had yummy homemade desserts made with some of the essential oils we sampled. Many thanks to Jessica and everyone who attended for a great afternoon! And please join us on Dec. 7 for our second Essential Oils workshop just in time for the holidays as we create non-toxic gifts which you can take home. Register online for the Dec. 7th workshop from the class schedule tab above.





Connie (third from right in the back row) with several of the Spiritual Development for Goddesses participants

Friday, September, 26, 2014 marked the launch of our intriguing new workshop series: “Spiritual Development for Goddesses” led by the Rev. Constance Barley! It was an amazing night with a sold-out workshop. Connie shared her insight with us, and she also led the group into a lovely, guided meditation. Plus Connie had some surprise activities for the participants. We’re very excited to offer this great new workshop series at Moonflower Yoga. Join us for our future installments!





MOVEMENT AND CREATIVITY CAMP day: We had fun as Lucia Magnoli and Amanda Cappuccio taught the children yoga poses for strength, balance, and flexibilty as part of a storytelling adventure. The children meditated with their personal stone and enjoyed an arts and crafts project creating their own mandala. After the arts and crafts, the children enjoyed yummy, healthy treats. Thanks to Lucia and Amanda for a fun event and to all who participated!

Amanda and Lucia stretching with the children


Arts and crafts fun


The children with Lucia and Amanda