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The Benefits of Chair Yoga by Nancy Weshkoff

December 7, 2023 by  
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The Benefits of Chair Yoga

By Nancy Weshkoff

One of the misconceptions about Chair Yoga is that the attendees are all the people are seniors with disabilities.  And while Chair Yoga can certainly be a great option for people with physical challenges, it is available to everyone.

How many of us spend a lot of sitting in a chair all day on Zoom calls or working at a computer screen?  For all of those people, your muscles can get very tight, and you can have neck and shoulder strain from online meetings and computer work.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have less neck, back, and shoulder strain from these activities?  For women who are pregnant, they can feel fatigue from the pregnancy and getting up/down from the ground for a regular yoga class can be very challenging.   And for those seniors who find a floor yoga class difficult but are very much in need of stretching and strength building, Chair Yoga is a wonderful option.

Chair yoga will teach you some stretching exercises that you can do from your office chair or a home chair to alleviate muscle tension.   For people with injuries that might find it difficult to be in a traditional floor yoga class, Chair Yoga is also a great option.   For the seniors who do attend the weekly Chair Yoga class at Moonflower Yoga, I applaud them for trying yoga for the first time in their 70’s and 80’s.   Chair yoga provides them with fabulous stretching poses to keep their muscles flexible and improve strength.  And for pregnant moms, doing some gentle stretching to help release tightness can be helpful.   The Chair Yoga classes at Moonflower Yoga are something that everyone can consider, and they are fun as well.   We also finish the Chair Yoga classes with some quiet relaxation to help you further de-stress and feel better.

Join me on Tuesdays or Vicky on Thursdays at 12 noon and give a great Chair Yoga class a try!  The Moonflower Yoga studio is located in the town of Bellmore, in Long Island New York’s Nassau County.   But you do not need to live on Long Island to join us for a great yoga class.  Both classes are available via Zoom for online class attendance.  We have attendees joining us from other states including Florida.   You will love these great yoga classes or any of the fabulous yoga classes on the Moonflower Yoga schedule provided by some of the best yoga teachers.


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