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Moonflower Yoga offers informative and motivating workshops on a variety of topics. Come join us, learn something interesting, and meet new people!   


Summer Harvest Cooking with Bob!

Learn vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free cooking ideas plus a LIVE cooking demo

Sunday, August 21st, 4 PM – 5;45 PM

Are you being overwhelmed with zucchini from your garden?  Learn delicious RAW meal ideas for some of the wonderful vegetables that we are harvesting at this time of year.  Raw foods are great for the summer as they do not heat up your kitchen and are an inexpensive way to enjoy the bounty of the summer.

In this continuing, fun workshop series, learn great cooking tips, as we share recipes and have LIVE cooking demos with audience participation encouraged!  Sample yummy food & discover new recipes.  For those with gluten allergies, learn great gluten-free substitutes. Doctors agree that adding more vegetables and whole foods to your diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Come  learn how to do this and put yourself on the road to better health.

About your presenter:   Bob Weshkoff is the husband of Moonflower Yoga’s owner, Nancy Weshkoff. Bob & Nancy have been vegetarians for over 35 years. Bob has a passion for cooking and creating interesting & delicious meals with a twist.  If you have been to a Moonflower Yoga event, then you have already sampled one of Bob’s mouthwatering desserts.

Price: $39 per person.

Register now for this delicious workshop!  You can reserve your spot at the Moonflower Yoga studio or by selecting this workshop on the Schedule tab above and following the simple steps to register.




Friday, August 19th, 7 – 9 PM:  SOLD OUT – waiting list available (see below)

Friday, September 23rd, 7 – 9 PM: ONLY 1 SPOT REMAINING – BOOK NOW!

Friday, November 4th,  7 – 9 PM: JUST ADDED!

All our previous sessions sold out.  Reserve your spot ASAP, as this sells out quickly.

This is a unique gallery reading!  We keep these to a small size with a limited number of participants.  Unlike big settings where only a few people have an opportunity to interact with the presenter, in our gallery readings with Joe, each person has an opportunity to speak with Joe.  This is NOT a guarantee that a certain crossed-over loved one will enter the room.  However, from the past sessions, Joe has been able to deliver messages to the participants who gathered. 


sky for joes gallery readingJoe Perreta is a psychic medium who specializes in communicating with those who have crossed over.  Joe’s affinity with spirit started at a very young age, giving him a unique connection to and an intrinsic understanding of the spirit world. Joe embraced his gifts early in life to find that he is what is called a natural born medium. Since then, he has brought unique and specific healing messages to countless men and women all over Long Island and NYC. 

In a gallery reading, you will be witnessing the amazing way that spirit can use a medium to heal those here in the physical world. Everyone can get messages, but that all depends on what spirit decides they need to say and to who!  Expect you will hear exactly what you need to at that moment in time. Joseph asks that you come with an open heart and mind with the expectation that you will witness the beautiful healing power of spirit communication.

Price: $48 per person including delicious, homemade snacks.

 Book now!!   Seating is limited!!   You can reserve an available spot at the Moonflower Yoga studio or by selecting this workshop from the class schedule tab above and following the simple registration steps to reserve your spot. 

Waiting List:  If the workshop date you would like to attend is sold out, we do keep a waiting list and will contact you should an opening occur.  Please send an email to [email protected] with your contact info and we will be in touch should an opening occur.  Thank you.



Reiki LEVEL ONE Training

(with the Rev. Constance Barley)

Sunday, September 25th, 1 PM – 5 PM

Young therapist doing reiki therapy to senior woman

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the concept that life force energy flows through us. If this energy is low, then we are more likely to feel ill and have higher stress levels. If it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

In this special 4-hour training session, you will learn the basics of Reiki and receive a Level One certification from Connie. The ability to perform Reiki is passed on during an “attunement” given by Connie, a Reiki master, and allows the student to tap into life force energy to improve one’s health. At the end of this training, you will be able to do basic Reiki on yourself and others.

There will be a food break around midway through the training with delicious homemade snacks.

Introductory Price: $100 per person for this 4-hour certification training





Reiki Level Two training – June 2016

Connie & the Reiki Two graduates

Connie & the Reiki Two graduates

Moonflower Yoga students who successfully completed Reiki One training took their Reiki abilities to the next level with Reiki Level Two training.   In Reiki Two, the students learned 3 symbols to enhance their Reiki knowledge including the distance symbol enabling them to send Reiki healing energy to people who are at a different location.   It was fascinating & everyone did great learning Reiki Two.   Thanks to Connie for another amazing training workshop, the students, and to Bob for his unique chocolate-covered strawberry vegan “cheese” cake and homemade hummus for our snacks.





Tarot Cards workshop (Part 1) – June 2016

Learning to read the Tarot cards

Learning to read the Tarot cards

We had an intriguing evening of fun in part one of our two-part Tarot Cards workshop with Connie. During this workshop, Connie explained some of the historical background on Tarot cards and how to tap into the wisdom of the cards.  Connie reviewed the major arcana cards, and at the end of the evening, the participants did a basic Tarot Card reading for themselves.   Part 2 takes place in July where the participants learn how to do readings for other people and alternate card spreads.  Many thanks to Connie and the participants for a great night!




Reiki Level One training with Connie – May 2016

Connie (seated) with the Reiki One graduates

Connie (seated) with the Reiki One graduates

Connie offered another great Reiki Level One training session on May 22.  Connie taught the participants how to do basic Reiki on themselves as well as others.  Reiki is a wonderful “hands on” healing energy that you can use to help you feel more relaxed and de-stressed.  If you missed one of Moonflower Yoga’s winter/spring Reiki One training sessions with Connie, we will be offering this great training workshop again in the fall.  Stay tuned to this workshop page for additional details.







Astrology workshop, Part 2, with Connie – May 2016

Connie & the participants

Reviewing the astrology charts

Friday, the 13th, was the launch of this new workshop from Connie –  a sequel to her previous Astrology one workshop.   In Astrology one, Connie prepared birth charts for everyone, and we discussed astrology basics & an overview of your birth chart.  In this fascinating sequel, Connie delved further into what your birth chart tells you about you and the people in your lives.  We also discussed the birth chart houses, the planets, and astrological sign traits.   Many thanks to Connie and the attendees for an intriguing evening!



Mother’s Day Gifts Essential Oils workshop – May 2016

With the finished eye creme & Joy spray

With the finished eye creme & Joy spray

Essential oils are derived from the flowers, stems, and roots of plants.  In this fun workshop, we sampled over a dozen beautiful essential oils and then made 2 great, homemade gifts for Mother’s Day using essential oils.  Each person made a lavender & palmarosa eye creme with a coconut oil base, and we also made a lovely Joy spray.  The finished products went in a beautiful glass containers. Thanks also to Bob for his yummy lavender cake using essential oils, as well as lemon-infused hummus.




Spring Cooking with Bob! – May 2016

Yummy food sampled while Bob shared cooking tips

Yummy food sampled while Bob shared cooking tips

There was delicious food served in our latest installment of our Cooking with Bob! workshop series.  In this Spring edition, Bob shared vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free cooking tips, and delicious food was served including roasted asparagus soup, sun-dried tomato and olive hummus, maple-glazed tempeh with quinoa, & a raw chocolate vegan “cheese cake”.  Donna, one of the participants, helped Bob make raw date-nut brownie balls.  Huge thanks to Bob for a great culinary experience and to the participants.  Stay tuned for the date of our next Cooking with Bob! series.



Food Combination, Digestion & Its Relation to Emotional Health – April 2016

Jovanka and the workshop participants

Jovanka & the participants

It was a fascinating workshop as wellness expert, detox specialist, nutrition educator & author, Jovanka Ciares, made her only Long Island appearance this year to discuss how we eat. It was great to have Jovanka make a return engagement to Moonflower Yoga!  Jovanka provided a wealth of information and taught us how combining certain types of food groups can make a huge impact on our health.  We also made healthy smoothie bowls to sample with pineapple, bananas, ginger, avocado, coconut milk, parsley & crunchy toppings – it was delicious.   Many thanks to Jovanka for a very interesting evening!


Sound Wash workshop with Lori and Jessica – March 2016 and May 2016

Jessica, Lori & the participants

Jessica, Lori & the participants

We had a fabulous Sound Wash workshop from Jessica and Lori in March with an encore in May. These incredible workshops included the intoxicating sound of Jessica’s multiple singing bowls and her huge crystal bowl, as well as Lori’s incredible gongs.  The workshops also featured light Kundalini movement, mantra, and meditation.  Everyone loved it!  And thanks also to Bob for the yummy chocolate orange vegan cake.



Jessica, Nancy & Lori

Jessica, Nancy & Lori









Astrology workshop with Connie – March 2016:

Connie & the participants

Connie & the participants

It was a magical evening on March 11th as Connie led a fascinating Astrology workshop at Moonflower Yoga.  Connie prepared unique birth charts for each person, so that you would know how the stars & planets were aligned when you were born giving you a great insight into your personality.   Connie explained the birth charts and also reviewed the history of astrology and provided background on the astrological signs.   Many thanks to Connie and the participants for a great evening at Moonflower Yoga!  We will be offering this fun workshop again at a future date – watch this page for further details.


IET Basic Training certification – March 2016

Chris & the IET graduates

Chris & the IET graduates

Many thanks to Christine Senetto for a fabulous 8-hour IET/Angel Healing training session at Moonflower Yoga on March 5th.  The participants learned this beautiful healing energy and how working with the healing angels can bring you calm and inner peace. At the end of the day, all the participants received a basic training certification and were able to do IET on themselves as well as others.    If you’d like to receive background on IET/Angel Healing, join us for our monthly IET/Healing Angel class on Wednesday evenings  (check the class schedule tab for the next date) and stay tuned for the next date of our 8-hour training session.


Reiki Level One training- February 2016

We had another fabulous Reiki Level One training session with Connie on Feb 21.  The participants learned the basic principles of Reiki and received attunements from Connie which enabled them to receive Reiki energy.  After the attunements, the participants practiced performing Reiki on themselves and then with a partner.  At the end of the day, all received their Level One Reiki certification.  If you would like to learn more about this amazing Reiki healing energy, join us for our lovely Reiki Healing Circle (check the Events tab for the next date) or join us for the next Reiki Level One training session (see above for more details).


Partner Yoga workshop – February 2016


working together on forward & back bends

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we had a very fun Partner Yoga workshop at Moonflower Yoga hosted by Dona and Sue.    The participants teamed up to work together moving through certain poses.   Lots of laughs were shared.   Following the workshop, we had a yummy, vegan chocolate mousse cake made by Bob, as well as some chocolate truffles.   Big thank you to Dona, Sue and the participants for a great launch to the Valentine’s Day weekend.    We are planning to re-run this fun workshop again in the near future – stay tuned to this page for an upcoming date.










Valentine’s Day Essential Oils workshop – Feb 2016

Some of the participants with their homemade body butter

Some of the participants with their homemade body butter

In this fascinating and fragrant workshop, the participants discovered several amazing essential oils that are the foundation of a great essential oils collection.   Essential oils are derived from plants and have been used for thousands of years to support wellness of the mind, body and spirit.  After sampling these beautiful essential oils, each person created a lovely, homemade Valentine’s Day whipped mint chocolate body butter using peppermint essential oil and organic, natural products.  The body butter was yummy, and made a great Valentine’s Day gift which each person took home.  Thanks to everyone for a fun afternoon!


Introduction to Ayurveda & Discover your Dosha type – Jan, 2016

Nancy & the participants

Nancy & the participants

It was an informative evening in our Ayurveda & Dosha workshop led by Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy Weshkoff.  The participants discovered ways to help create better balance by following their body’s natural “dosha” type through the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is “the science of life” and it has been practiced successfully for thousands of years.   Each of us is born with a unique mind-body constitution known as our “dosha” type.  fter completing a questionnaire to determine your dosha type, the participants learned how adapting your diet and daily lifestyle to match your natural “dosha” type can help you feel better.  Everyone received informative handouts to further explore this topic.   Many thanks to the participants for an interesting evening & Bob for the delicious tri-dosha food.


Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop – January 2016:

The participants selecting images for their vision boards

The participants selecting images for their vision boards

January is an ideal time to set goals for what you want to accomplish in 2016.   In our Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop, the participants learned how to use proven goal-setting tools to create a plan to accomplish their goals.  From there, we  had fun as each person created their individual vision boards reflecting their 2016 goals.  The vision boards were all unique and beautiful!!  Thanks to Christine Senetto for her help with this workshop, and to all the participants.  Good luck with your 2016 goals!




Lorna with her completed 2016 vision board

Lorna with her completed 2016 vision board









Feng Shui workshop – January 2016:


Connie reviewing living space floor plans with some of the participants

It was a great way to start the new year with our Feng Shui workshop with Connie on January 8th.  The participants discovered how following the principles of Feng Shui can help bring better peace and calm to  their environment by creating positive energy (also known as qi).   After explaining basic Feng Shui, each person applied Feng Shui principles to floor plans of their current living space to see what improvements can be made.   By providing some simple adjustments, each person learned ways to incorporate positive energy to their homes.  Many thanks to Connie and the participants for another fascinating event!


Holiday Gifts Essential oils workshop – Dec, 2015:

Some of the Holiday Gifts Essential Oils workshop participants with their creations

Some of the Holiday Gifts Essential Oils workshop participants with their creations

On Saturday, December 5th, we had a blast making 3 great, aromatic holiday gifts using essential oils.   During this fun and informative workshop, we made a mint chocolate whipped body butter, a coffee cellulite scrub and a holiday spray of lavender or sage.  Each person created these lovely, aromatic gifts, perfect for giving or keeping as a special treat.   Many thanks to the participants for a fun afternoon and to Bob for his help and yummy chocolate peppermint cupcakes.  We are offering another make-and-take essential oils workshop on Saturday, Feb 5th.  See the details above.




Mala beads workshop with Jessica and Adria – Nov, 2015:

Jessica, Adria and the participants with their unique mala beads

Jessica, Adria and the participants with their unique mala beads

It was a fun afternoon in our mala beads workshop on November 22nd led by Jessica and Adria.  The participants picked the precious crystal stones that they liked best and from there made a beautiful, handmade mala bead with their combination of materials.  Each mala was unique and beautiful!  After the malas were completed, Jessica led the group in meditation using the new mala beads.  To complete the workshop, Bob made a yummy, lavender-infused vegan “cheesecake” and his famous hummus.   Great way to spend Sunday afternoon!



Jessica helping Andrea with her mala

Jessica helping Andrea with her mala










Sound Wash workshop – November, 2015

Lori, Jessica and the participants with the gong & singing bowls

Lori, Jessica and the participants with the gong & singing bowls

By popular demand, on November 22, we ran an encore performance of our fabulous Sound Wash workshop with Lori and Jessica.   Lori brought her incredible gong and Jessica used her array of healing singing bowls. The combination of these was amazing and very spiritually uplifting!  The workshop also included some light yoga movement, mantra, and meditation.   It was a wonderful way to prepare yourself for the upcoming holiday season.  Many thanks to Lori and Jessica for this great encore performance of the Sound Wash workshop!   



Holiday cooking with Bob! – November, 2015:

Bob making the soup

Bob making the tuscan bean dip

Thanksgiving and the holiday season offer us so many wonderful food options, and we explored vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free cooking in our very fun Holiday Cooking with Bob! workshop.  Bob made four delicious items which everyone ate: a butternut squash pie, tuscan bean dip with olives, roasted squash and apple soup, and a cranberry-oat loaf for dessert.   The dip and soup were made live at the workshop.  It was a very filling – and yummy – event!  Many thanks to Bob for another great chapter in his “Cooking with Bob!” series.  Stay tuned for the next installment in early 2016.



Sound Wash workshop – October, 2015

Lori, Jessica, and the participants

Lori, Jessica, and the participants

The healing sounds were incredible as Lori brought her amazing gong and Jessica her singing bowls in a combined, wonderful Sound Wash workshop.  Connie contributed a Native American drum to add to the healing vibration.  Lori also led the group through some gentle movement, and Jessica led a guided meditation.   Many thanks to Lori and Jessica for this special workshop.




Reiki Level One training with Connie – October, 2015 

Connie & the participants

Connie & the participants

It was a wonderful afternoon as Connie taught a group of students Reiki Level One.  Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the concept that life force energy flows through us. If this energy is low, then we are more likely to feel ill and have higher stress levels. If it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.  In this special 4-hour training session, the students learned the basics of Reiki and were taught how to do a Reiki healing session on themselves. Each student then performed a Reiki session on a partner in the room.  At the end of the training, the participants received a Level One certification from Connie.


Practicing Reiki

Practicing Reiki

We are offering this Reiki training again in the near future.  If you are interested in this fabulous Reiki Level One training from a wonderful Reiki Master, please scroll to the top of this screen to see the date for the next available training session.   




Introduction to Essential Oils with Jessica & Nancy – Oct, 2015:


oils introductory 0815If you have attended a class or workshop at Moonflower Yoga, then you have enjoyed the beautiful aroma of essential oils.   Essential Oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants.  In this fascinating and fragrant workshop, Jessica and Nancy shared with the participants several key oils which form the foundation of a great essential oil system.   Jessica also provided ideas on how oils can support your wellness.  It was a lovely afternoon!  Thanks to Jessica and everyone who attended! If you missed this workshop, it will be returning to the calendar shortly.


Reiki Level One training with Connie – September 2015:

Connie (3rd from right) with the Reiki Level One participants

Connie (3rd from right) with the Reiki Level One participants

We had an incredible afternoon at Moonflower Yoga as Master Reiki Instructor, the Rev. Constance Barley, taught a Reiki Level One training session at Moonflower Yoga!   It was empowering to learn this wonderful healing energy.   We discovered the history of Reiki and how to perform basic Reiki on yourself as well as others.  After the attunements, the participants practiced administering and receiving Reiki.    It was great!  If you were not able to attend this sold-out training session, please register for the October training session.  Hurry as this is almost sold out!



Summer Cooking with Bob!


Bob preparing the zucchini swirls

It was a very yummy August evening in our continuing Cooking with Bob! series.  In this latest installment of this great workshop series, the focus was on utilizing summer foods and preparing a delicious raw, vegan 3-course meal.   We had 2 appetizers: Thai cold melon soup and sun-dried tomato hummus  The main course was zucchini swirls with a pesto sauce.  The luscious dessert was a pineapple coconut vegan “cheese” cake.  We also had chocolate walnut balls.  The participants helped and it was a fun evening.  Bob also shared gluten-free tips and provided handouts.  Stay turned our next installment of our fabulous Cooking with Bob! workshop series which will take place in November before the holidays.



Spiritual Development for Goddesses – July meeting:

Connie and the goddesses

Connie and the goddesses

On the night of the blue moon, we had a very special full-moon edition of our intriguing Spiritual Development for Goddesses workshop series.   As part of the blue moon theme, Connie led the group in special meditations and activities that concentrated on releasing things that no longer serve us.  We also discovered the history of 2 wonderful goddesses and discussed our own goddess power.   Bob made a yummy vegan lemon-lavender “cheesecake” and homemade sun-dried tomato hummus.  Many thanks to Connie and the participants for a great evening at Moonflower Yoga and to Bob for the delicious food! Stay tuned for the date for our next installment.


June Gallery Reading with Joe Perreta:

Joe Perreta (in the middle) with the Gallery Reading participants

Joe Perreta (in the middle) with the Gallery Reading participants

It was an intriguing June night as Joe Perreta led another fascinating gallery reading.  In a gallery reading, Joe delivers messages from crossed-over loved ones.  It was intriguing to hear some of the messages which Joe was able to provide.   If you missed this June session, or our earlier March and May sessions, we are pleased to announce that this popular workshop is being offered again in the fall  (see above for details).   Come join us and discover amazing and enlightening info!




Astrology workshop with Connie – June, 2015:


Connie (seated) with some of the workshop participants enjoying homemade treats before the workshop

In a sold-out event on June 12th, Connie led a fascinating Astrology workshop.  As part of the workshop, each person received their own unique birth chart which Connie individually prepared. The birth chart provided very interesting insight into your personality.   Connie also gave a background on each astrological sign and the history of astrology.   Many thanks to Connie and all the participants for an illuminating evening!   If you missed this workshop, we will be re-running it the fall/winter, with an Astrology workshop part 2 coming up – stay tuned for details.



 Father’s Day gifts essential oils workshop – June, 2015

Bob, Dina, and Dina's son making the homemade Father's Day gifts

Bob, Dina, and Dina’s son making the homemade Father’s Day gifts

We had fun on an early June afternoon making 3 fabulous gifts for Father’s Day using therapeutic-quality essential oils using natural ingredients from plants.  We made a tea tree after shave spray, a peppermint shave creme, and an invigorating rosemary shampoo.  If you missed this fun workshop, we have some of the products made at the workshop available for sale at the Moonflower Yoga studio.  They make great gifts for the man in your life! 





Spiritual Development for Goddesses – May, 2015 meeting:

Connie (2nd from back on right) and the goddess participants

Connie (2nd from back on right) and the goddess participants

Goddesses were in the house on a spring evening with Connie in a lovely installment of “Spiritual Development for Goddesses” workshop.   Connie shared inspirational goddess stories and how their wisdom can be applied to today’s challenges.   We had guided meditation and some special bonding experiences. It was a fantastic evening!  Many thanks to Connie and the goddesses who attended for another great evening at Moonflower Yoga.




Mother’s Day Gifts Essential Oils workshop:

Lois, Danielle, Jessica & Dina with their 3 lovely handmade gifts

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we had a fun afternoon at Moonflower Yoga making 3 lovely handmade gifts using essential oils. The participants made a Joy spray which went into a beautiful gift bag with a rose quartz crystal that each participant energized.  The participants also made a bergamot and lemon sugar scrub, and a moisturizing eye creme with palmarosa, lavender, and frankincense.   Many thanks to Jessica and all the participants for a great – and creative – afternoon!




Crystals workshop with Connie:

Connie (seated) with Carol, Nicole & Bonnie during the Crystals workshop

Amethyst, citrine, quartz – these were just a few of the beautiful crystals that were discussed in our fascinating Crystals workshop with Connie on May 1.    Connie did a Native American gridding using healing crystals.   Each participant choose a crystal which was energized during a lovely crystal meditation led by Connie.    The participants then kept their beautiful, energized crystal.    Connie also explained the healing power of various crystals.  Thank you to Connie and the participants for a fascinating evening!



Cooking with Bob! workshop:

Some of the participants enjoying the roasted asparagus soup

We had a very yummy Sunday afternoon on April 26 in our fun Cooking with Bob! workshop.   Bob is the husband of Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy, and is known for his delicious homemade, vegan cakes & goodies he makes for all the Moonflower Yoga events and workshops.   By popular request, Bob shared some of his vegan, gluten-free cooking tips and the recipes he has used.   We had a live cooking demo where Bob made a roasted asparagus soup, raw chocolate date brownies, and sun-dried tomato hummus.    Everything was delicious and we are planning another Cooking with Bob session for the near future – stay tuned for the exact date and join us for another yummy afternoon.



Bob (seated in the front) with the participants











Love Yourself Now workshop with Shana Sweeney

Shana (front left) with the workshop participants

Do you look in the mirror and tell yourself you have a fat stomach, you hate that cellulite, ugh those wrinkles, or wish your body looked different in some way?  Are you unaccepting and critical of your body as it is right now?  So many women have a poor body image and we are surrounded by a media that tells us we have to fit a certain mold and look a certain way.   In this amazing workshop, held in April, 2015,  led by health coach Shana Sweeney, the participants learned to break that belief system and how to embrace and love their body just as it is right now.   It was a great workshop enjoyed by all.  Many thanks to Shana for bringing this fabulous event to Moonflower Yoga!



Essential Oils 201

Theresa, Jessica, Kate, Paulina, Lois & Michele at the workshop

It was a fragrant afternoon on Saturday, March 14, as Jessica and Nancy led an informative Essential Oils 201 workshop.    The participants discovered the most useful essential oil to use for common ailments such as headache, stress, insomnia, ingestion, hormonal issues, and sinus/nasal congestion.   Jessica also provided info on which essential oils work best with each chakra.  We sampled many lovely oils, and each participant received 2 complimentary oil samples to take home.   And Bob created another flavorful masterpiece: a vegan champagne mango cake infused with orange essential oil.   A big thank you to Jessica, Bob, and the participants for a lovely afternoon!


Tarot Cards (Parts 1 and 2)

It was an intriguing two evenings in March and April, with our two-part Tarot Card workshop led by Connie.   Connie explained a bit on the history of Tarot cards and then delved into the cards in the Major and Minor Arcanas.  The participants learned a basic reading in part one.  In part two, everyone learned how to do a 5-card reading and a Celtic Cross reading.   The results were amazing!  Many thanks to Connie and all the participants for this fun and fascinating workshop.


Introduction to Essential Oils with Jessica:

We had a lovely introduction to essential oils workshop with Jessica on Saturday, Feb. 28.    Jessica provided everyone with an informative background on 12 of the most popular essential oils and the ways in which that oil could help you feel better.  Each participant was able to sample these beautiful oils, and as a thank you everyone received 2 sample oils.  And a big thank you goes to Bob for his delicious, vegan lavender cake made with lavender essential oil which was topped with a coconut icing infused with lavender and lemon essential oils.   It was a huge hit and the essential oils were amazing in the cake! 


Collage for the Soul workshop with Barbara Segal  (Feb & April):

Many thanks to Barbara Segal for her inspirational Collage for the Soul workshop at Moonflower Yoga!  This workshop was originally presented in February and by popular request it returned in April.   After a guided meditation, we let our intuition lead us to create personal, beautiful, and powerful collages which can also function as divination cards.  The collages created were amazing!  After completion, we shared our messages with the group.   It was a fascinating afternoon.

Participants creating their collages


one of the collages











Spiritual Development for Goddesses – Feb. session – with Connie:

The goddesses were in the house on Friday, February 6, as the Rev. Constance Barley returned to Moonflower Yoga with her wonderful Spiritual Development for Goddesses workshop.   Connie shared her wisdom with us, and we learned more about a specific goddess that could be used for inspiration.  There was a seated meditation to work with your inner spirit, as well as a lovely standing, rainfall meditation.    Each participant received a crystal from Connie.  And Bob made a delicious lemon, poppy seed cake with his famous hummus for the workshop.   If you missed this workshop, we will have another installment on May 15th.  You do NOT need to have attended previously in order to join us on May 15th.


Kundalini Yoga and Mandala-Making Art workshop with Lori Pappas:

Lori with some of the participants as they create their mandalas.

Many thanks to Lori Pappas for leading a wonderful Kundalini Yoga and Mandala-Making Art workshop on Feb. 1, 2015.    The participants delved deeper into their Kundalini practice using movement as well as meditation.   Lori then shared her experience as an artist with everyone and the students let their creativity shine as they created their own personal mandalas.    If you missed this workshop, Lori teaches a great Kundalini yoga class every Sunday at 11:15 AM and on select Wednesdays at 7:30 PM.




Valentine’s Day Essential Oil workshop creating rosemary-mint shave cream, lavender bubble bath, and finishing salt:

We had lots of fun on Saturday, January 24, as we created very special handmade Valentine’s Day gifts using essential oils!  The participants made rosemary-mint shave cream with shea butter and coconut oil, lavender bubble bath accented with dried lavender sprigs, and lemon-rosemary finishing salt.   Many thanks to Jessica and everyone who attended for a great afternoon!

Jessica and some of the participants at the start of the workshop


Participants creating their unique Valentine’s Day gifts










Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop with Nancy and Christine:

2015 began on the right path for the participants of our January Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop where the participants learned the tools needed to turn their dreams into goals that can be accomplished with the planning guidelines they received.    Once the goals were outlined, the participants had fun creating their own personal vision board which serves as a visual reminder of the goal that you wish to accomplish in 2015.  Pictured below are some of the participants creating their individual vision board, as well as one of the beautiful, finalized vision boards.   Many thanks to the participants, as well as Christine for her inspirational ideas that helped guide the attendees.

Some of the workshop participants assembling their inspirational vision board.











One of the beautiful, completed vision boards










Holiday Essential Oils workshop creating handmade gifts with Jessica:

Jessica, Lori, Steve, Donna and Lauren making their handmade gifts.

The Moonflower Yoga studio was in the holiday spirit on December 6th, as we made some very special holiday gifts by hand.  The participants created a very fragrant lavender laundry detergent, bath salts with bergamot and Himalyan salt crystals, and a sage spray, all using essential oils and non-toxic ingredients.   The detergent and bath salts were in lovely jars – all ready for giving.  Thanks to Jessica and the participants for another fun afternoon workshop at Moonflower Yoga.  Stay tuned for additional make-and-take workshops in early 2015.



Introduction to Essential Oils workshop with Jessica:

Jessica (2nd from right) with some of the workshop participants enjoying the yummy food made with essential oils

We had fun on Nov. 15, as Jessica led an informative Introduction to Essential Oils workshop at Moonflower Yoga. The participants sampled the oils while learning their multiple uses.  The entire Moonflower Yoga studio was bathed in a lovely aroma of the beautiful oils!   We also had yummy homemade desserts made with some of the essential oils we sampled.  Many thanks to Jessica and everyone who attended for a great afternoon!  And please join us on Dec. 7 for our second Essential Oils workshop just in time for the holidays as we create non-toxic gifts which you can take home.  Register online for the Dec. 7th workshop from the class schedule tab above.


Mala Beads workshop with Jessica and Adria – Nov 2014:

Adria and Jessica preparing the materials

On Sunday, Nov. 2,  Jessica Saraswati & Adria Andromeda led a wonderful workshop where participants created their own, unique strand of  mala beads using the precious stone of their choice.   A mala is a string of 108 beads used to count mantras (short series of words which you chant silently or in a group) to help bring you spiritually to a sense of inner peace.   The participants had a great time selecting which precious stones to use for their mala bead strands, and each person’s strand was unique and beautiful.  At the end of the workshop, Jessica and Adria led the group in a lovely meditation using their mala beads.  Thank you so much to Jessica and Adria for a wonderful afternoon and fabulous workshop !!


The Mala Bead workshop participants with Jessica & Adria showing their beautiful mala bead strands











Kundalini workshop with Lori Pappas:

On Sunday, October 26,  Lori Pappas led a fascinating Kundalini Yoga workshop at Moonflower Yoga.    During the workshop, Lori taught the participants about the 10 bodies (your physical body, soul body, auric body, etc.) and how to keep these in balance as taught by Yogi Bhajan.   Kundalini yoga helps  you discover the place of peace & calm that exists within you by breaking past limitations into the meditative mind.   Lori helped the participants find this place through movement, breath work & mantra as the 10 bodies were balanced.  Lori concluded the workshop with a lovely guided meditation, and a very fun exercise on numerology where you linked your birthday to various paths in your life.    Many thanks to Lori for this great workshop!   And Moonflower Yoga is happy to announce that Lori teaches a weekly Kundalini yoga class each Sunday at 11:15 AM starting November 9th.


Tai Chi and Qigong workshop with Joseph Panico:

Many thanks for Joseph Panico for teaching a wonderful Tai Chi and Qigong workshop at Moonflower Yoga on October 11, 2014.  Joseph taught the participants the differences – and similarities – of Tai Chi and Qigong.   Through Tai Chi, the students learned how to incorporate breathing with slow and fluid movements to reduce stress, improve circulation, balance, flexibility, and overall body mechanics.  With Qigong, the emphasis is on circulating “qi”, our internal energy, and by improving circulation, we improve our body functions and immune system.   It was a very informative afternoon!   If you missed this workshop, you can try Joseph’s great weekly Tai Chi class at Moonflower Yoga each Wednesday at 6 PM.


FALL DETOX REBOOT with Jovanka Ciares:

Jovanka (3rd from the left in the front) with some of the Fall Detox Reboot participants

Author, holistic health coach, producer and TV spokesperson Jovanka Ciares returned to Moonflower Yoga on Friday, October 3rd, 2014, with her new, very informative and interesting Fall Detox Reboot workshop.   Jovanka shared her vast knowledge with the participants and gave everyone wonderful advice on how to remain healthy through the upcoming change of seasons.    She also provided great tips on how to make simple changes that can make a huge difference in how you feel.   Many thanks, Jovanka, for another amazing workshop!!




Connie (third from right in the back row) with several of the Spiritual Development for Goddesses participants

Friday, September, 26, 2014 marked the launch of our intriguing new workshop series: “Spiritual Development for Goddesses” led by the Rev. Constance Barley!    It was an amazing night with a sold-out workshop.   Connie shared her insight with us, and she also led the group into a lovely, guided meditation.    Plus Connie had some surprise activities for the participants.    We’re very excited to offer this great new workshop series at Moonflower Yoga.   Join us for our future installments!





We had fun on Saturday, May 24th as  Lucia Magnoli  and Amanda Cappuccio taught the children yoga poses for strength, balance, and flexibilty as part of a storytelling adventure.   The children meditated with their personal stone and enjoyed an arts and crafts project creating their own mandala.    After the arts and crafts, the children enjoyed yummy, healthy treats.     Thanks to Lucia and Amanda for a fun event and to all who participated!

Amanda and Lucia stretching with the children


Arts and crafts fun


The children with Lucia and Amanda


Supercharge Your Health To Look Your Best, Lose Weight, and Feel Great:


Jovanka (3rd from the left) with some of the SUPERCHARGE YOUR HEALTH workshop participants

Wellness expert, health coach, author, and TV spokesperson Jovanka Ciares led a wonderfully informative workshop at Moonflower Yoga on May 16, 2014.   Jovanka shared her vast knowledge with the participants explaining how making simple changes can make a huge difference to your health, longevity, and stamina.   The workshop received rave reviews by those in attendance.    If you missed this workshop, we plan to have a return appearance by Jovanka later in the year.    Stay tuned for additional details!



Yoga Workshop led by Adam Dobbs on Movement, Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) and Meditation:

Adam Dobbs with some of the workshop participants: Chris, Jodie, Sam, and Veronica

In May, 2014, Moonflower Yoga was pleased to have Adam Dobbs bring his extensive experience to Moonflower Yoga leading an amazing yoga workshop.  The workshop began with a gentle Vinyasa yoga sequence as a preparatory exercise so the participants could sit comfortably for an extended period.   From there, it moved to pranayama, a stretching and subtle control of our vital energy through breath work.  The workshop concluded with meditation, the act of effortlessly concentrating on one point, and the gateway to inspiration, intuition, insight, well-being, and regeneration.   Many thanks to Adam for a wonderful afternoon of yoga at Moonflower Yoga! 


Tarot Cards Parts One and Two (April & May 2014):

We had fun in April and May as Connie introduced Tarot cards to a new group of Moonflower Yoga attendees.    By the end of Part One, everyone was doing their own basic readings and getting insightful insights.   In May’s Part Two class, the participants learned a few intricate Tarot Card reading spreads.  Thanks, Connie, for another great workshop at Moonflower Yoga!   If you are interested in learning how to read Tarot Cards, we will be bringing this workshop back to Moonflower Yoga in the fall of 2014.

Workshop participants Lori, Jessica, Sam, Diane, and Kim with Connie (far right)










Crystals workshop (March 2014):

Connie (bottom right) with some of the Crystals workshop participants

Amethyst, citrine, quartz, and Herkimer diamonds…these were just a few of the beautiful crystals from our Crystals workshop with Connie.   Connie explained the healing energies of crystals, and each person received a free crystal stone to keep with our compliments.   It was a great night!   A big thank you to Connie for leading another amazing workshop.





Astrology Workshop (Feb 2014):

Astrology workshop participants with Connie on the far right

We had another fun evening with Connie as she returned to Moonflower Yoga to present her Astrology workshop.  Each participant received their own unique birth chart which provided you with fascinating insight.   Connie also gave us an interesting background on the history of astrology.   Many thanks to Connie for her great workshop!





Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Workshop:


Aromatherapy presenter Jodie Kallas (bottom left) with some of the Aromatherapy participants: Jill, Judy, Lois, Shaniya & Veronica.

On Feb. 8th, Jodie Kallas of JS Goodness Gifts led a very intriguing workshop on aromatherapy & essential oils.  Jodie gave us background on the precision needed to blend oils.  It was very interesting to learn how plants can have different scents depending on where they are grown.  All participants sampled beautiful oils, learned their healing properties & received a free sample to take home. Many thanks to Jodie for this very fun workshop! Jodie has created new, beautiful gift boxes, such as “Headache Zapper”, “Get Happy” & “Sweet Dreams”, which contain her lovely blended oils, handmade soap & hand-blended organic teas.  These beautiful boxes can be purchased at Moonflower Yoga.




Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing (2014):

Workshop presenter Laura explaining Ayurveda to the participants

Many thanks to Laura Lipari for another fabulous workshop!   Laura explained the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient self-healing practice that has been successfully utilized for thousands of years.   All the participants took a test to determine their “dosha” type, which is your natural-born constitution.    Once you knew your primary dosha, Laura explained which foods and lifestyles best matched each “dosha”.  All participants received informative materials for reference after the workshop.   It was a great evening! 



Meditation and Chanting Workshop:


Diane (in the middle wearing a long blue scarf) with some of the participants at the Meditation and Chanting workshop.

On Friday night, October 11th, Diane Monks led a very relaxing meditation and chanting workshop at Moonflower Yoga.   Meditation is a wonderful tool to help release stress and bring you inner peace.  Chanting in unison as a group made this meditation session even more powerful.   We are pleased that Diane will now be offering meditation on a regular basis at Moonflower Yoga beginning in late October.   Meditation will alternate with Candlelight Restorative on Tuesday nights at 7:45 PM.   Come and discover how meditation can help you!





Learning to Read Tarot Cards (Parts 1, 2, and 3):

Having fun at the Tarot Card workshop with Angela, Bob, Aleksandra, Oksana, and workshop leader Connie


We had three great evenings, one in October, one in November, and one in January as we learned all about Tarot Cards.  It was wonderful to have Connie return to Moonflower Yoga with another very fun event.   Connie gave us a history on the Tarot and taught us how to read the Tarot cards.   The participants then did their own readings, which were very insightful.   Many thanks to Connie for another amazing workshop!  If you are interested in reading Tarot Cards, please let us know, as we will likely revisit this workshop with Tarot Cards, Part 1.  You’ll love it!


Healthier You – Plant-Based Diet workshop:

On Friday, July 12th, we had a very informative workshop led by Moonflower Yoga’s Laura Lipari, who also has a degree in nutrition.  Doctors agree that moving towards a plant-based diet and eating more whole foods and grains will help you on the road to better health.   Laura gave us some wonderful information and we were all treated to some delicious recipes.  A big thank you to Laura for her fabulous workshop!


Moonflower’s Laura Lipari with workshop attendees Claudia and Angela










Neck and Shoulder Pain Issues workshop:

So many people suffer from neck and shoulder pain from computer work, driving in traffic, stress, injury, etc.   Moonflower Yoga was proud to host a 2-hour workshop on this topic on Saturday, May 11th, presented by Vicky Seff.     During the first half of the workshop, Vicky explained how the neck and shoulders operate and why you might be feeling discomfort.   In the second half, the participants were guided through gentle poses to help relieve their neck and shoulder pain.   All of the participants were given some easy ideas they could use on a daily basis to help them feel better.    Many thanks to Vicky for an amazing and interesting workshop!

Moonflower Yoga students enjoying a gentle restorative pose during the neck & shoulder pain issues workshop.













Film screening of  “LEAP OF FAITH”:

On Friday, March 22nd, Moonflower Yoga hosted a screening of the film “LEAP OF FAITH’ based on the amazing life of Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar.    The film spanned the 90 years and 70 years of teachings of  B.K.S. Iyengar’s fascinating life from a sickly child on the verge of death to one of the modern fathers of yoga.    The film is a saga of courage and faith, of chance meetings on chosen paths and of perseverance in the face of insurmountable hurdles.   B.K.S. Iyengar is 93 years old and still practices yoga every day!    Proceeds from the screening were donated to the Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York’s Brooklyn Initiative to build an Iyengar Institute in Brooklyn.  

Astrology Workshop – 2013:

There was fun for all in our astrology workshop on Friday, March 15th, at Moonflower Yoga.   The Rev. Constance Barley led a fascinating two-hour workshop where participants learned about the history of astrology and how the stars and planets affect us.   Connie also prepared individual astrological birth charts for each participant, so that everyone knew exactly how the planets were aligned on the date and time of their birth, as well as other interesting astrological information unique to each person’s birthday.   Many thanks, Connie, for a great evening at Moonflower Yoga!  

Rev. Constance Barley leading a fascinating workshop on astrology at Moonflower Yoga.










Back Pain Issues Workshop:

On Saturday, February 16th, Moonflower’s Vicky Seff taught a fabulous workshop on back pain issues.    Vicky thoroughly explained the areas of the back and demonstrated why people suffer from back pain.   The back pain lecture was then followed by a gentle asana practice where Vicky led the participants through some stretches to help them feel better.    Thank you, Vicky, for a great workshop!

Moonflower’s Vicky Seff explaining the different areas of the spine in the Feb back pain issues workshop.










Ayurveda Workshop 2013:

Our workshop “Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing” hosted by Moonflower Yoga’s Laura Lipari on February 1, 2013 was a big success.    All the participants learned what their inner “dosha” is and how they can adapt their food and lifestyle to match their natural “dosha” type.    Many thanks to Laura for this very informative evening.  Several participants from the workshop have indicated they feel better from adapting some of the tips learned in this workshop.

Moonflower students at the Ayurveda workshop