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World Kindness Day by Nancy Weshkoff

November 13, 2020 by  
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World Kindness Day

By Nancy Weshkoff


Today is world kindness day.   Sanksrit, which is the ancient language of India and the language of yoga, describes kindness as “ahimsa”.   Ahimsa is the very first doctrine of yoga – first before you start moving (asana) or meditate.     Why is this?   You need to be kind and patient with yourself, moving in a way that is right for your body on that date.   For me, as a yoga teacher, I practice ahimsa – kindness – to the students who take yoga classes through Moonflower Yoga.  I offer encouragement, not criticism, as a student learns how to move in a certain way.

On a bigger scale, I am saddened by so much of the division and hatred that seems to exist in our world today.   We are all inhabitants of this planet.   Yes, we may have different beliefs, and that’s okay.   We can still be kind to each other and respect those differences.   When we practice ahimsa, it makes it easier to solve issues, and we can learn to live in harmony.

We also need to practice kindness to our planet.   Earth is our home.   Be kind to it   Recycle items instead of adding to landfills.   Use less-toxic products that harm the environment.   Plant a tree or some greenery.  There are many ways to extend kindness and help our planet.

I hope you will take some time today to just one small act of kindness.  Maybe you will call someone who is feeling a little sad or lonely.  Maybe it’s doing some outside clean up.   Maybe it is doing a random act of kindness for a stranger.  Maybe it’s being kind to YOU by changing negative thoughts to positive ones, such as saying “I love myself” instead of “I hate myself”.    Maybe it is joining me or one of the other great yoga teachers at Moonflower Yoga for a great upcoming online yoga or meditation class to take care of YOU, so you will feel better and can spread that good feeling to others in your life.

Let’s all practice some ahimsa – kindness – and make the world a happier place!