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Monthly News




Where has the summer gone?  Fall is here, and with it brings a new season and some changes.   The class schedule has been amended so please check the schedule carefully.  We are pleased to advise that two favorite teachers, Rosanne and Dona, are returning to the Moonflower Yoga line-up with a regular weekly class.   Rosanne is teaching Beginner Stretch on Mondays and Dona is teaching Gentle Yoga Stretch on Wednesday evenings.   Theresa is teaching a new, regular Friday Stretch class at 10 AM on Fridays, as well as Beginner Yoga Fundamentals (perfect for beginners!) on Mondays at 430 PM.   And Kundalini Yoga is now offered in back-to-back time slots on Thursday.  With the popularity of Chair Yoga, and by request, we have added a third Chair Yoga class to the schedule, and Chair Yoga class #3 is on Wednesdays at 5 PM and is taught by Lynn.   You will find further info below on all these changes.


With the change of season comes changes at Moonflower Yoga too!  We’ve been working hard to renovate the studio, as we mark Moonflower Yoga’s 5-year anniversary, and it looks great.   The studio room is a beautiful purple color with new, soft lighting, new windows, new wall hangings, a new air system, and a new ceiling with more soundproofing.  The office and waiting room have been redone with new bench seating, a gorgeous retail space, a new serving and storage area for refreshments & food, new window treatments, and great new wall colors.  And the front window has a bright new sign to welcome you as you come up the front porch to the wicker furniture.  If you have not visited us in a while, come by and check out the improvements we have made to serve you better!


Want to have some fun?    We have an amazing array of interesting workshops and events from which you choose!  Below is a quick snapshot summary of these very fun activities, and you can discover more info on the “Workshops” or “Events” tabs.  You can register for any of these great activities by selecting the activity that you would like to attend on the “Schedule” tab above and following the simple registration and payment steps:

  • Have fun Rock Painting!:  Saturday, October 21st, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM:  Come join us for a very fun afternoon – rock painting! We supply all the materials you need.  Make a beautiful painted rock for yourself or as a gift.  Very relaxing!
  • Moonflower Yoga Book Club: Sunday,  October 22nd, 430 PM – 6  PM:  Take a journey with us as you read a great book while making new friends!  Our next book selection is THE ALMOST SISTERS.   All are welcome to read this book and join us.  Click on the Events tab for more info.
  • Feeling stressed?  Digestion issues? Can’t sleep?  Discover your dosha type and the principles of Ayurveda to help you feel better with Nancy:  Friday, October 27th, 7-9 PM:  If you are feeling stressed, have digestive problems or can’t sleep, you may find that following your natural-born “dosha” type and following the time-tested principles of Ayurveda could help you.  Moonflower Yoga, Nancy, explains how this works and you will take a test to see what your dosha is.  We provide lots of take-home materials so you can explore this further after the workshop.   Fascinating!
  • Reiki Level Two training with Connie:  Sunday, October 29th, 1 PM – 5:30 PM:  Further explore Reiki in this Reiki Level Two training, open to anyone who successfully completed Reiki Level One.  Learn the first 3 symbols of Reiki including the distance symbol to send healing energy to someone who is not in the same room as you. This training session is SOLD OUT!!!   A new date has just been added for January; book now for January!
  • Gallery Reading with psychic medium Joseph Perreta:  Friday, November 3rd, 7-9 PM: Receive readings from crossed-over loved ones.  Fascinating!  SOLD OUT!  A wait list is available.  Send your name and phone number  by email to [email protected] and we will contact you if a space becomes open.  Thank you.
  • Moonflower Yoga Mah Jongg Club:   Saturday, November 4th (2 PM – 3:30 PM):  Fun afternoon!  We are looking for experienced members who can teach newcomers, as well as new students who would like to learn.   Click on the “Events” tab above for more info.
  • Reiki Master/Practitioner Level Three training with Connie:  Saturday, November 11th, 1 PM – 6 PM:  Take your Reiki training to the Master level!  Those who successfully completed Levels One and Two are eligible for this Master training.  Receive 4 additional attunements to enhance your vibrational energy and learn 3 more symbols.  You’ll feel amazing!
  • Moonflower Yoga Needle Arts Group:  Sunday, November 19th, 4:30 PM – 6 PM:  Come join our fun group and learn how to do basic crocheting and knitting!  Newcomers, as well as people experienced in knitting & crochet, are welcome.  Discover the meditative quality of needle arts!
  • Crystals workshop with crystals meditation (Connie):  Friday, November 17th, 7-9 PM:  Amethyst, citrine, quartz & more! Have you held these beautiful stones in your hand & felt an energy? Come learn how to use crystals & receive a FREE basic crystal stone.  The workshop includes a crystal meditation.  Crystals will be available for sale.
  • Make Your Own mala bead necklace (Jessica and Adria):    Sunday, November 19th, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM:  Mala bead necklaces consist of 108 crystals/precious materials that are used for a meditation tool or jewelry.   You will make your own beautiful necklace in this fun workshop.  We supply all the materials including the 108 crystals/precious materials.  Space is limited – book early!
  • Reiki Level One training with Connie:  Saturday, December 2nd, 1-5 PM: Come learn the basics of Reiki and receive a Reiki Level One certification.  Discover the healing energies of Reiki and why leading medical institutions now offer Reiki as an alternative therapy.
  • Moonflower Yoga Mah Jongg:   Sunday, December 3rd (2 PM – 3:30 PM):  Fun afternoon!  We are looking for experienced members who can teach newcomers, as well as new students who would like to learn.   Click on the “Events” tab above for more info.
  • Women’s Gathering (Reading of BENDING TO BEAUTY with author Dian Zirilli Mares):   Saturday, December 9th, 1:30 PM – 3 PM:  Join us for this intriguing NEW series of meetings and discussions on topics of interest to women.  In this newest chapter, author Dian Zirilli Mares will read from her book BENDING TO BEAUTY which takes us on a woman’s journey through the joys and pains so many women share.  Riveting!
  • Moonflower Yoga Needle Arts Group:  Sunday, December 10th, 4:30 PM – 6 PM:  Come join our fun group and learn how to do basic crocheting and knitting!  Newcomers, as well as people experienced in knitting & crochet, are welcome.  Discover the meditative quality of needle arts!
  • Goal setting and vision board workshop (Nancy and Chris):   Sunday, January 7th, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Start your new year in a positive way!  Learn how to make YOUR dreams come true in this interesting workshop.  After a goal-setting exercise, you will have fun creating a vision board to capture your goal.  We supply all materials.  Great way to begin the year.
  • The Wisdom of Dreams workshop (Liza Johnson):   Friday, January 12th, 7 PM – 830 PM:  Author Liza Johnson brings us an intriguing evening! You will be introduced to a method of understanding the language of dreams and how to interpret them. You will have an opportunity to share a dream and learn from others.  Fascinating night you’ll want to catch!
  • Reiki Level Two training with Connie:  Saturday, January 20th, 1 PM – 5:30 PM:  Further explore Reiki in this Reiki Level Two training, open to anyone who successfully completed Reiki Level One.  Learn the first 3 symbols of Reiki including the distance symbol to send healing energy to someone who is not in the same room as you.

Stay tuned!  More exciting workshops and events will be added to the schedule shortly!



Baby news for Lucia Magnoli!

Congratulations to Moonflower Yoga teacher, Lucia Magnoli!   Lucia adopted a beautiful newborn boy, Anthony, and he is a very happy baby.   We wish Anthony a long, happy, and healthy life filled with many blessings!   Lucia is currently on maternity leave from teaching, and her Monday 430 PM Beginner Yoga Fundamentals class will now be taught by Theresa Mariano Doyle.   See the description below on Beginner Yoga Fundamentals.    And, as a reminder, Beginner Stretch on Mondays at 6 PM is now taught by Rosanne Cassidy who returns to Moonflower Yoga.




Chair Yoga is now offered multiple times at Moonflower Yoga!  In addition to Tuesdays at 11 AM with Nancy, come try TWO great, NEW Chair Yoga classes with Lynn Carapella: Thursdays at 11:15 AM and Wednesdays at 5 PM!

If you have difficulty moving in a regular yoga class, or cannot easily practice yoga postures from the ground, come give Chair Yoga a try!   This is a gentle, beginner-level class where fundamental yoga poses will be done seated in a chair or with the support of a chair for those who can stand while holding a chair.  The class will encompass poses for flexibility, stretching, and strength building.  If you are an office worker who spends many hours in a chair, this class could be helpful for you as well, as you learn stretching exercises that you can do during the day to relieve muscle tension.  For those who can stand, there will be balance poses as well.  In all the poses, you will learn how to link your breath to movement.  The class will end with several minutes of quiet relaxation seated on your chair.  This is a wonderful class to help you get stronger and more flexible in a gentle way while also giving you an opportunity to de-stress and relax.




Featured class for October:

Balance and Tone with Lynn Carapella

Wednesdays at 6:15 PM   

We all need better balance in our bodies, as well as in our minds.  In this wonderful class from Lynn, she will help you do both to feel great.  As we age, improving physical balance is especially important as it reduces your risk of falls causing serious injury.  Lynn will help you stretch and tone your muscles first so that it creates the strength and flexibility that you need to work on your balance.  You will also learn how to quiet the mind to focus your concentration so that you can balance yourself with more confidence and ease.   The class will end with some quiet relaxation time.   Come give this wonderful class a try!  All levels – including beginners – are welcome to attend this class.






BEGINNER YOGA FUNDAMENTALS (now taught by Theresa Mariano Doyle)

Mondays at 4:30 PM                                   

Are you new to yoga?  Are you looking for a gentle yoga practice?  Come explore this wonderful class with Theresa Mariano Doyle!  This beginner-level class is for those students who would like a slower-paced, gentle yoga class while working on poses to improve your flexibility, strength, and balance.  Props are used to support you as you learn basic postures.  Theresa will also teach you how to link your breath to movement which will help you with your practice.  The class will end with several minutes of quiet relaxation reclining on the ground to reduce your stress.   Come give this fabulous class a try!!





JUST IN!  Beautiful Aromatherapy Jewelry from Aspiring Artists of the Earth (AAOTE):

Moonflower Yoga is proud to be a distributor for beautiful AAOTE jewelry.  AAOTE makes lovely aromatherapy necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on which you can dispense your favorite essential oil and then enjoy the fragrance of essential oils on your jewelry.  You can choose from lava bead necklaces and earrings, carved wood necklaces and bracelets, and lovely medallion necklaces.   All pieces come with crystal beads.   Stop by the Moonflower Yoga studio to purchase yours today!





Check out our relaxing “Stress-Buster” series of classes  (Tuesdays at 7:30 PM):

Life has many challenges that create stress.   Stress is harmful and leads to conditions such as heart disease,  high blood pressure, and more.  Reducing your stress can lower your disease risk.   This series of classes on Tuesday nights are designed to help you reduce your stress and feel better.   You’ll love this great variety of interesting  and calming classes!


Here is the  October schedule  for our Stress-Buster series:

  • IET/Angel Healing with Chris: October 17: Discover the healing angels and how they can bring you inner peace!  During these fabulous classes, Chris will cover 1 or 2 of the 9 healing angels. Learn the special healing gifts that each angel brings.  Chris will teach you how to call upon the healing angels with a special prayer of invitation and how to use an angelic heart link to connect with the angel’s energy. You will learn the special healing gifts that each angel brings & invite each of the healing angels to support you in your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual journey. This lovely class can bring a profound sense of peace & calm.
  • Yin and Restore with Theresa :  October 24: Yin Yoga is a more meditative approach to yoga. While most yoga classes focus on shorter held poses to stretch the muscles and heat the body (Yang Yoga), the hallmark of Yin Yoga is the slow paced, deeply held sequence of poses that are precisely timed for 3 to 5 minutes. This enables the body enough time to relax into the postures safely. Most postures are on the floor using the support of props (blankets and bolsters) or the wall, so there is no need to worry about holding a standing pose! Yin Yoga focuses on the connective tissues, tendons, fascia and ligaments with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Bolsters, blocks, blankets as well as other props will be available for your comfort during your practice. Yin yoga is a remarkable and transformative practice. We will finish class with a few meditative restorative postures that will allow complete relaxation of the body and mind. Try this class, and you’ll feel great!


October news and class changes:


  • Lucia’s Beginner Yoga Fundamentals class on Mondays at 430 PM will now be taught by Theresa Mariano Doyle as Lucia is on maternity leave.   See the fuller description above.  The Beginner Yoga Fundamentals class on October 10th will be taught by Rose Edelman.
  • Dona will be on vacation October 11, 18, and 25.   Her 745 PM Gentle Yoga Stretch on Wednesdays on these dates will be taught by Theresa Mariano Doyle.


  • There is no 7:30 PM class on Tuesday, October 31st.   Have a happy Halloween!



 October class packages:

For the month of October, we are offering THREE class packages from which you can choose. All of these offer a discount over the per-class package price of $21:

– Yoga Lite: Receive 4 classes for $76 ($19 per class)

– Yoga Medium:  Receive 6 classes for $108 ($18 per class)

– Yoga Pro:  Receive 8 classes for $144 ($18 per class)

All of the above October  class packages offer a discount over the per-class price.   The discounted classes purchased under the October  class package must be used between October 1st and October 31st, 2017.   The class package must be purchased at the Moonflower Yoga studio.



We appreciate your business!  Each month a special gift will be given to the customer who attends the most classes during the calendar month.    

The “Prize of the Month” for booking the most classes in the month of September was won by Mary and Ed K.   Congratulations Mary and Ed!  Mary and Ed won a custom cake to be made by Bob.  (Bob cooks all the delicious cakes served at our workshops and events.)   The October contest is  underway. Book your class now to enter this month’s contest!








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