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Monthly News


During this period of social distancing, you can join your favorite Moonflower Yoga teachers for a great online yoga, meditation, Pilates, or Chair Barre class from the comfort of your living room!  There are 16 weekly online classes from which you can choose!

We are living in a challenging time with the coronavirus outbreak.   In order to keep our students and teachers safe, and in keeping with social distancing requirements, there are no in-person studio classes at the Bellmore Avenue location for Moonflower Yoga until such time as it is safe to reopen the doors.

We are pleased to advise that you can still enjoy a great yoga, meditation, Pilates, or Chair Barre online class with some of your favorite Moonflower Yoga instructors by using the Zoom app!     These online classes will be 30-40 minutes in length. Join Moonflower Yoga teachers Nancy, Melinda, Jessica, Theresa, Rose, Cathi, Lynn, or Vicky for LIVE classes!   You would roll out your mat in the safety and comfort of your home, and then login to the LIVE class a few minutes before class time using the Zoom platform.  Click on the “Schedule” tab above to see a listing of the online classes.   The online classes will have the phrase “(ONLINE CLASS)” next to the class title.

Here is how these online classes will work:

– You need to download the free Zoom app.   You can download it to your computer or a mobile device, whichever you prefer.   A desktop or laptop  screen is usually easier to see because it is larger.

– The cost of a 30-40 minute online class is $11 per class.  You would select the online class you would like to attend from the Schedule tab above by double clicking on the class title.  From there, just follow the simple registration and payment steps via PayPal.  You must register for this class no later than 60 minutes before class time.   After you have purchased the class, Nancy will send you a Zoom meeting invitation link.  This invitation email is important because you will need this invitation and the hyperlink contained in the invitation in order to join the class.

-Online class packages are available if you purchase 5 or more classes!  The price of the class reduces to $10 per class with your package purchase.  And if you purchase more than 10 online classes in a specific month, you receive an 11th class for FREE as a thank you.   To purchase a class package, send an email to with the list of the classes you would like to attend.  Nancy will send you the paperwork to reflect your reservations, and you will receive a PayPal invoice by email for the cost of the package.

It is important to take care of ourselves during this challenging time.  The practice of yoga and meditation can help you do that!   We can still stay connected as the Moonflower Yoga community, even if it is remotely.   I hope you will take just 30-40 minutes FOR YOU to help you relax, stretch tight muscles, and feel better.

To see a full list of the great online yoga classes that are available, click on the “Schedule” tab above.


Further info and tips on working with Zoom for the first time:

– Approximately 10-15 meetings before the scheduled class time, you should double click on the “Join Zoom Meeting” hyperlink in your Zoom email invitation.   This is an important step because it brings you into the “class room” setting.   Select “start audio” once you are in the room.   Click on anything that is red with a line through it (a microphone, a camera) to deactivate these locks so you can hear audio and see the “class room” setting.   You can deactivate these by touching that lock with your finger if you’re using a mobile device or clicking on these red locks with your mouse.

– If you’re using a mobile device to log into the class approximately 10-15 minutes before class time,  you may need to take the extra step of scrolling to the “show all notes” screen.  Double click on this and then select join meeting, and you’re ready to join the class!   As mentioned above, you may also need to deactivate anything with a red line through it such as a microphone and a camera by touching it with your finger.

– In the period of time after you join the class and before the class begins, you will have an opportunity to chat with the other attendees, as well as the Moonflower Yoga teacher.  It is a great way to safely reconnect with people you have met through Moonflower Yoga!  It also provides you an opportunity to ask questions of the instructor.

– Once the class is ready to begin, you will be “muted out” so that only the instructor can be heard.  Just follow along and enjoy the class.  If you need to speak with the instructor during the class, you can always “unmute” yourself by clicking on the red microphone with a line through it and then speak to the instructor.

– Remember to always listen to your body and only move in a way that feels right for you.  You may wish to have a blanket or towel or pillow near  your yoga mat for use during the class.  If you have a yoga block that might be helpful for certain poses.   If you have a yoga strap, have that handy.  If you do not have a yoga strap, a bathrobe tie, an unused men’s tie, or a large rolled blanket could be substituted.  Moonflower Yoga also sells great Huggermugger yoga products for your home practice and curbside pickup is available.  Scroll down for further info on curbside pickup or click on the “Products” tab above.

– At the end of the class, you can “unmute” yourself and ask questions or provide feedback, as you speak with the other attendees and the instructor.


Featured classes for the month:

Hatha Yoga for Beginners with Vicky – Mondays at 5:15 PM

Join Vicky for Hatha yoga, a class designed for all levels, including beginners! Vicky will guide you through a series of fundamental yoga poses to stretch your muscles; release muscle tension from the day; and improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Hatha is the traditional practice of yoga, and will prepare you for any other style of yoga you might want to try.  This is a great stretching class to enjoy at the end of your workday, and to get you ready for a relaxing evening ahead.   All levels are welcome to attend.


Yin Yoga Stretch with Rose – Wednesdays at 10 AM

Looking for a great stretching class?   Come try this fabulous class with Rose – perfect for all fitness levels.  In this class, taught in a yin yoga style, you will do stretching postures on the ground so you can deeply relax into the posture.  This will help you increase your flexibility and strength.   It is also a wonderful way to release stress from the week and get you ready for a fabulous weekend!   Please have a pillow or folded blanket available for the class.  If you have a yoga strap, that would be helpful.  If you do not have a yoga strap, please have a bathrobe tie, an unused men’s tie, or a rolled blanket.  If you have a yoga block, have this handy as well.



Come learn something new and have fun in a great upcoming workshop, event or training session!

Moonflower Yoga has an amazing array of interesting workshops and events from which you choose! People from Bellmore-Merrick-Wantagh-East Meadow-Seaford and other parts of Long Island have been registering, and we hope to see you too. Below is a quick snapshot summary of these very fun activities, and you can discover more info on the “Workshops” or “Clubs” tabs. You can register for any of these great activities by selecting the activity that you would like to attend on the “Schedule” tab above and following the simple registration and payment steps.

  • Hips and Hearts with Lynn Pieroni (offered online via Zoom) (NEW!):  Sunday, January 24th, 1:30 PM-3:30 PM:  The most vulnerable areas of stale toxic energy repression are our HIPS (lower back, pelvis, glutes) and our HEARTS (neck, chest, shoulders).   Unresolved trauma, fear and conflict, and emotional baggage in the body/mind results in tremendous tension held in the muscles and joints of these two regions.  This  workshop will be a strengthening and lengthening series of postures designed to mobilize and stabilize the hips as well as open, release and rehydrate the muscles of the chest and shoulders.  Hip and heart openers include some of the most rewarding stretches in all of yoga asana. Practicing them together in this way will bring awareness to your posture, improvement to the rest of your practice and powerful healing and restoring benefits to impact your mind, your chakra system, and your spirit.
  • Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep and Deep Meditation) with Jackie Lee (offered online via Zoom!): Wednesday, January 27th,  7:30 PM – 8:30 PM -OR- Wednesday, February 24th, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM:  Feeling stressed? Join Jackie Lee from the safety and comfort of your living room or bedroom for this relaxing evening!  Yoga Nidra, known as yogic sleep, is a deep meditation used to promote physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. You will deeply relax in a reclining position on your couch, in your bed, or on the floor, as you are led through a deep guided meditation.  You can also set your Sankalpa (heart-felt intention) .  One hour of yoga nidra = 4 hours of sleep!
  • The Moonflower Yoga Book Needle Arts Group: FREE online meeting via Zoom on Saturday, January 30th, 4:30 PM – 5:45 PM: Come join us for our fun group!  The practice of Needle Arts which includes crochet, knitting, needlepoint & quilting are wonderful meditative and stress-reducing tools. Work on your piece, share your handiwork, and have fun chatting with the other members.  We also donate finished pieces for those who wish to do so to people in need. Our latest scarf drive will support Operation Gratitude, which sends these scarves to our brave men and women in the military.
  • Breathe Into the Spine workshop with Theresa Mariano Doyle (offered online via Zoom!) (NEW!): Saturday, February 7th, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM:  Join us for the launch of this great, NEW workshop! Theresa will begin with movements that support the natural shape of the spine. The class progression is slowly and consciously focused on the internal experience of the body rather than the outside appearance of the pose.  You will move through stretches that focus on releasing tension  in the muscles that affect the lower back and all the way up through the spine. Theresa will balance the workshop with  some ways to strengthen those same muscles to help benefit the long-term health of the spine.
  • Moonflower Yoga Book Club:   FREE online meeting via Zoom on Sunday, February 28th, 4:30 PM – 6 PM: Take a journey with a great book while having fun and making new friends! For our next meeting, because there is a longer gap between meetings, we will be discussing 2 books: “Confessions on the 745″ by Lisa Unger and ” The Girl with the Louding Voice” by Abi Dare.   All are welcome to read these books and join us. Click on the “Clubs” tab above for more info on the books.
  • In the Kitchen with Bob! (a LIVE vegan cooking demo using Zoom): Sunday, February 21st, 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM:  Join Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy, and her husband, Bob, for a fun, LIVE, interactive cooking workshop from their kitchen!  We will supply you with the recipes in advance of the workshop so you can cook along with us from your own kitchen.  You’ll then have delicious dessert to enjoy at the end of the workshop!   If you prefer to just watch the preparation and cooking, that’s fine too.   As this is interactive, you can ask questions while cooking from your kitchen.   Have fun with us while learning something new!
  • Yin Yang Necklace workshop with Carol Procopio (offered online via Zoom!): Saturday, March 13, 1:30 – 3:30 PM: Yin and Yang, the ancient Chinese symbol of dualism.  Dark and Light. Feminine and Masculine. The balance of complimentary forces. Join us in a Moonflower Yoga  Zoom session led by Carol Procopio and learn how to make your own balancing and grounding necklace using Red Jasper with Golden Obsidian accents and three Yin Yang symbols made from carved boxwood, inlaid with brass and turquoise howlite.   All supplies will be provided in advance so that you can participate safely from the warmth and comfort of your home. Click on the “Workshops” tab above to see a picture of this beautiful necklace.
  • An Evening of Guided Meditation with Bhante Sujatha (online workshop): You just missed a session.  Stay tuned for an announcement on the next edition:  If you are feeling anxious or can’t sleep, try guided meditation! Join us for a wonderful evening with Bhante Sujatha as he leads you in a guided meditation which you can do from the safety & comfort of your home.  Bhante is a 30+ year Buddhist Monk, who is singularly focused on adding more love in the world. Bhante teaches loving-kindness meditation to people around the globe for all those seeking the art of happiness and contentment. His approach to meditation is deep and simple, which he explains in a way that is practical and easy to understand. A joyful, radiant, funny and wildly energetic monk, Bhante will help you obtain peace that can only be found in deep silence. Bhante is originally from Sri Lanka and is the head monk / abbot of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center in Woodstock, IL


January class changes:

  • For the month of January, all of the yoga and meditation classes on the schedule will be offered online only via Zoom.   There will be no in-person studio classes due to the coronavirus.
  • The Slow Flow and Singing Bowls class on Wednesday, January 27th, will have an earlier start time of 630 PM.


Upcoming February class changes:

  • For the month of February, all of the yoga and meditation classes on the schedule will be offered online only via Zoom.   There will be no in-person studio classes due to the coronavirus.
  • The Slow Flow and Singing Bowls class on Wednesday, February 24th, will have an earlier start time of 630 PM.


Curbside pickup at the studio is available! 

Curbside pickup at the studio is available for some items you may need for your home practice.  How about a beautiful Hugger Mugger yoga mat?  Hugger Mugger Tapas yoga mats, which Moonflower Yoga sells, were just rated one of the top 3 best yoga mats in the US.  They are very durable and last for years if you keep it safely in your house and not in your car or garage. With each new yoga mat purchased, we are currently including a FREE Moonflower Yoga mat bag to store your new mat.  We also sell yoga blocks, yoga straps, blankets, and bolsters which are wonderful for your home practice.  Or you can purchase a lovely, relaxing Young Living essential oil.  Could you use a bottle of favorite Stress Away right now?  Lavender essential oil is great for relaxation or helping with skin irritation. Citrus Fresh adds a lovely clean scent to your home or Thieves for a spicy scent.  Moonflower Yoga sells a wide variety of Young Living essential oils; just ask us!  We also have lovely handmade beaded bracelets, as well as AAOTE aromatherapy jewelry items.  Our super-soft signature t-shirts and hoodies are also available in a variety of sizes.  Just let Nancy know which items you would like to purchase, and she will arrange for a cashless online purchase and a curbside delivery to your car from the studio.



Not sure what to give someone for Valentine’s Day? Give the gift of relaxation and good health with a Moonflower Yoga gift certificate – and receive a FREE BONUS CLASS !

Everyone could use some relaxation and stress reduction especially in these challenging times. This year, give the gift of good health with a Moonflower Yoga gift certificate!  A Moonflower Yoga gift certificate has a one-year expiration, and can be used for classes and workshops between now and February 15, 2022.    The gift certificate can be in any amount or for a specific number of classes.

If you purchase a $100 gift certificate between now and February 14, 2021, you will receive a FREE bonus online class as our thank you.  You can keep the free bonus class for yourself or give the free bonus class to the recipient of the gift certificate.  Discover the wonder of yoga and meditation or have fun and learn something new in one of our interesting online workshops!   In keeping with social distancing, a gift certificate can be sent to you electronically enabling you to forward the gift certificate to the recipient or print it out and place it in a card.  Alternatively, the gift certificate could be electronically sent directly to the recipient as a special surprise with a copy to you.  Each gift certificate is customized with your personal message.  A paper gift certificate could also be sent by regular mail to the recipient or to you.  Cashless payment is utilized via PayPal invoicing where you can use any major credit card with no service fee and you do not need a PayPal account.   Just send us an email to this email address and let us know how we can help you.



Sturdy Yoga Blocks from Huggermugger are available – now in a fun purple color!

A yoga block is a great tool to have for your home practice.   It gives you support for your poses.   You can sit on the block for more comfort in seated poses.  If you have difficulty reaching the floor with your fingertips, the block can raise the floor for you as you work on improving flexibility.   If you are doing a bridge pose, a block under your seat can provide more comfort & stability.  These durable yoga blocks will last for years.  They are priced at just $18 each and are available for curbside pickup.  In addition to this purple color, it also comes in lovely marbled shades of blue.


Yoga blankets now in stock for your practice or warmth from Huggermugger:

With the cold weather upon us, it is a perfect time to have a warm yoga blanket to cover your body in Shavasana (final relaxation pose) or as a blanket in your home.   These thick rectangular blankets from Huggermugger can also be used as a replacement for a bolster in certain yoga poses, as well as provide support for your knees in kneeling poses. The ones sold are the studio are hypoallergenic, with NO wool, and are machine washable.   We currently have them in black/white/gray plaid, blue/white plaid, purple/white plaid, and green/white plaid.  They should last you for many years.   If you would like to purchase one of these fabulous blankets, send an email to this email address, and we can arrange for contactless payment and curbside delivery to your parked car from the studio parking lot.



We appreciate your business! Each month a special gift will be given to the customer who attends the most classes during the calendar month.

The most recent  “Prize of the Month” for booking the most classes in the month was won by Leslie. Congratulations Leslie!  Leslie won a bottle of Purification essential oil from Young Living. 







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