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A note from Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy Weshkoff….

It is hard to believe that December is here.   Where has the year gone?

Looking back to where we were when a year ago, there have been some positive things.  We now readily have vaccines available to combat COVID, and that has enabled members of the Moonflower Yoga community, as well as the Long Island community as a whole, to be safer and less at risk from the virus.   It also enabled me to reopen the studio doors to a select group of “hybrid” yoga classes where a maximum of 4 fully-vaccinated individuals can attend in person while others attend the class remotely via Zoom (see further info below on our “Yoga Your Way” program).   These hybrid yoga classes are great, and they combine the best of two worlds: returning to some normalcy with an in-person experience or providing some safety or convenience for those who prefer to join us remotely from home or from out of state.

During this holiday season, I have one wish: peace.  Peace can bring us more love, more happiness, and better health.  If we are angry, it creates negative reactions in our body, as well as our mind.   Blood pressure increases, muscles become tight, we don’t get adequate sleep, etc.   When you are in a room with other people and having a good time, what happens when an angry person enters and starts to yell and scream?  It creates a negative, ripple effect.  Everyone becomes tense, and that happy, serene feeling disappears.   Conversely, if that angry person was not angry but entered the room in a peaceful way, everyone continues to enjoy themselves and be peaceful.   It is an example of one of my favorite mantras: Peace begins with YOU.  If you are at peace, you can spread peace to others.  And from there, we can have a more peaceful world.    For all of you, I wish you peace for the new year.  And may we have a more peaceful world.

As the franticness of the holiday season begins, it can create stress.  It is more important than ever to take care of YOU during the holiday season.   If you are feeling overwhelmed, join us for a relaxing yoga or meditation class at Moonflower Yoga, and let us help reduce your stress enabling you to feel better!   There are 16 weekly classes on the schedule from which you can choose, and you’ll see a full listing from the “Schedule” tab above.  You can book your reservation for any of these activities by double clicking on the activity from the Schedule tab and following the simple registration and payment steps.  Remember there is NEVER a membership agreement to sign at Moonflower Yoga with monthly payments; you can purchase just ONE single activity.  The weather is cold outside, and you don’t have to leave your home – just have fun and relaxation from the comfort of your living room with an online class.  If you would like to join us in person, there are some hybrid yoga classes on the schedule listed below as part of our “Yoga Your Way” program.

There are also some fun upcoming activities to help you de-stress.  There is another chapter of our In the Kitchen with Bob series on December 19th, where you can cook alongside us from your home while sharing some laughs.  Needing stress reduction?  Bhante Sujatha, the loving kindness monk, leads us in a wonderful Guided Meditation and discussion on Friday evening, December 17th, this month from the shores of Maui in Hawaii!   Or join Jackie Lee as we say goodbye to 2021 and set new intentions in a Yoga Nidra workshop on Wednesday evening, December 29th. A summary of each is below, and you will find further info on the “Workshops” tab above.


Introducing “Yoga Your Way!” and the limited reopening of the Moonflower Yoga studio doors!

The pandemic has been a challenging and difficult time for so many of us.    Things are now moving in a positive direction.  For those of you who have continued to support Moonflower Yoga through the pandemic by attending Zoom classes and events, the teachers and I thank you!

As things start to slowly return to normal, considerable thought has been given to what the next phase of Moonflower Yoga should look like.  I  have listened to your concerns, and your feedback has been important.  Many of you have indicated that you love the Zoom classes and would like to continue with these – that’s great and the teachers and I are glad you enjoy them!  Others have indicated they miss the in-person class experience and would like to see a return to in-person classes.

Keeping your feedback in mind, I have designed a new, unique offering entitled:

Yoga Your Way!

With the implementation of Yoga Your Way, you will have several ways in which you can attend a great yoga or meditation class at Moonflower Yoga.  There is a limited reopening of the Moonflower Yoga studio for some in-person classes.  Here are some key points about Yoga Your Way!:

  • Do you like the convenience of Zoom classes at home?   Every class on the schedule will be available via Zoom!  If you live out of state or away from the studio, or just feel more comfortable practicing at home in a Zoom environment, you can still attend any class on the schedule via Zoom.
  • Would you prefer a 60-minute class instead of 30 minutes?   The new Yoga Your Way initiative will offer some 60-minute yoga classes.
  • In a time crunch?  There will also be 30-minute yoga classes on the schedule for when your time is limited.
  • Do you miss in-person classes?   The studio doors have reopened for some 60-minute classes on the Moonflower Yoga schedule with a new “hybrid class” program; see further details below.

These are now 3 new class categories:

  • 30-minute Zoom-only classes.
  • NEW! 60-minute Zoom-only classes.
  • NEW! 60-minute “hybrid” yoga classes.   In the hybrid yoga class, the class is available via Zoom -AND- it is available to a maximum of 4 fully-vaccinated individuals to attend in person at the Moonflower Yoga studio.

Let me explain more about the new “hybrid” classes …

The Moonflower Yoga studio room has been refitted so that it can accommodate a maximum of 4 yoga students in the physical studio room for a live yoga class.  Two students will be on the right side of the room; 2 students will be on the left side.  If you are one of the 4 people attending in person, you will NOT be on camera during the class. Simultaneously, this will be a Zoom class so that students at home can attend using Zoom as you currently do.  There is a camera in the studio room to capture the instructor of the class so that the students attending via Zoom can follow along with the instructor, just as you do currently in a Zoom class.  There is also a TV screen in the studio room s0 the teacher can also interact with the Zoom attendees.

With the implementation of the new “Yoga Your Way” class system, here is a listing of the classes on the schedule with their new class designation.   If you would like more info on each of these classes, click on the “Descriptions” tab above.

With the implementation of the new “Yoga Your Way” class system, here is a listing of the classes on the schedule with their new class designation.


  • Beginner Yoga with Nancy at 9:45 AM – 60-minute hybrid class.


  • Hatha Yoga with Vicky at 5:15 PM – 30-minute Zoom-only class.
  • Relax and De-Stress with Guided Meditation with Cathi at 7 PM – 30-minute Zoom-only class. No prior meditation experience needed!


  • Morning Meditation and Movement with Jessica at 9:30 AM – 30-minute Zoom-only class.
  • Chair Yoga with Nancy at 12 noon – 60-minute hybrid class.
  • Yoga Basics with Rose at 6 PM – 30-minute Zoom-only class.
  • Move with the Moon with Theresa/Terry at 7:15 PM – 60-minute hybrid class.


  • Yin Yoga Stretch with Rose at 10 AM –  30-minute Zoom-only class.
  • Chair Barre Basics with Lynn at 5:15 PM – 30-minute Zoom-only class.
  • Stretch, Meditate and Relax with Dona Dovie at 7 PM – 30-minute Zoom-only class:  Please note one week a month (generally the last week of the month) it has an earlier start time of 630 PM.


  • Stretch and Flow with Nancy at 10 AM – 60-minute hybrid class.
  • Chair Yoga with Vicky at 12 noon – 30-minute Zoom-only class.
  • Yoga for Bone Health with Lynn at 5:15 PM – 60-minute hybrid class.
  • Slow Flow and Singing Bowls with Jessica at 7 PM – 60-minute Zoom-only class.


  • Awaken the Subtle Body yoga class with Theresa at 10 AM – 30-minute Zoom-only class.


  • Saturday Flow with Nancy at 10 AM  – 60-minute hybrid class.


 Safety Protocols for the hybrid classes:

There are some safety protocols that are being implemented in an effort to protect students and teachers coming into the Moonflower Yoga studio for the new hybrid classes:

  • The studio room, as well as the office/merchandise area, has been fitted with a new HEPA filtration system to keep the air clean and disinfected for those attending the new hybrid classes.
  • The instructor will be fully vaccinated.  I am also fully vaccinated.
  • The students entering the studio must be fully vaccinated and show proof of full vaccination the first time they attend a class.
  • There will be a temperature check at the door.
  • There will be a hand-sanitizing station to disinfect your hands when entering.   You will be asked to please sanitize your hands on entry.
  • The in-studio classes will be limited to 4 students.
  • You will need to bring your own yoga props for the in-studio class and take your props home with you when you leave.  This means you will need to bring your own yoga mat, yoga blanket (if desired), yoga strap (if desired) and bolster (if desired).   If you would like to purchase any of these items, Moonflower Yoga sells new props sealed in plastic including blankets, straps, blocks, and bolsters.  We also sell great yoga mats.  Yoga blocks can be provided for class use and will be cleaned with disinfecting wipes after each class use.


There will be different class prices depending on the type of class you select.  If your budget is limited, a 30-minute Zoom class, priced at just $11, is a great option.   Information on the new pricing models is on the “Pricing” tab above.  And if you spend $100 or more on classes during a specific month, you receive a FREE 30-min Zoom class registration with our thanks.


We are excited about these new options available under the new “Yoga Your Way!” program and hope you will enjoy the various new options that you now have available for attending a great yoga class at Moonflower Yoga!  If you have any questions or need additional information, please let us know.  Thank you, and we look forward to having you join us soon for a great yoga or meditation class.


SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER!!   Give the gift of good health – and receive a FREE 60-MINUTE BONUS CLASS TO ENJOY FROM HOME!

Not sure what to purchase someone for the holidays? Give the gift of good health with a Moonflower Yoga gift certificate!!   A Moonflower Yoga gift certificate has a one-year expiration & can be used for classes and workshops between now and December 31, 2022.   The gift certificate can be in any amount or for a specific number of classes.  Just send us an email at to let us know how we can help you.  The gift certificate can be sent electronically to you or to the receiver of the gift certificate (with a copy to you), or sent by mail to the receiver, or picked up at the studio.  And if your gift certificate purchase is $100 or more, you receive a FREE 60-minute online class as our thank you.  Happy holidays!


Come learn something new and have fun in a great upcoming workshop, event or training session!

Moonflower Yoga has an amazing array of interesting workshops and events from which you choose! People from Bellmore-Merrick-Wantagh-East Meadow-Seaford and other parts of Long Island have been registering, and we hope to see you too. Below is a quick snapshot summary of these very fun activities, and you can discover more info on the “Workshops” or “Clubs” tabs. You can register for any of these great activities by selecting the activity that you would like to attend on the “Schedule” tab above and following the simple registration and payment steps.

  • An Evening of Guided Meditation with Bhante Sujatha (online workshop):  Friday, December 17th, from 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM:  If you are feeling anxious or can’t sleep, try guided meditation! Join us for a wonderful evening with Bhante Sujatha as he leads you in a guided meditation which you can do from the safety & comfort of your home.  Bhante is a 30+ year Buddhist Monk, who is singularly focused on adding more love in the world. Bhante teaches loving-kindness meditation to people around the globe for all those seeking the art of happiness and contentment. His approach to meditation is deep and simple, which he explains in a way that is practical and easy to understand. A joyful, radiant, funny and wildly energetic monk, Bhante will help you obtain peace that can only be found in deep silence. Bhante is originally from Sri Lanka and is the head monk / abbot of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center in Woodstock, IL.
  • In the Kitchen with Bob! (a LIVE vegan cooking demo using Zoom):  Sunday, December 19th, 4:15 PM – 6:15 PM:  Join Moonflower Yoga owner, Nancy, and her husband, Bob, for a fun, LIVE, interactive cooking workshop from their kitchen!  We will supply you with the recipes in advance of the workshop so you can cook along with us from your own kitchen.  You’ll then have a delicious meal to enjoy at the end of the workshop!  If you prefer to just watch the preparation and cooking, that’s fine too.   As this is interactive, you can ask questions while cooking from your kitchen.   Have fun with us while learning something new!
  • Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep and Deep Meditation) with Jackie Lee (offered online via Zoom!): Wednesday, December 29th, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM:  Feeling stressed? Join Jackie Lee from the safety and comfort of your living room or bedroom for this relaxing evening!  Yoga Nidra, known as yogic sleep, is a deep meditation used to promote physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. You will deeply relax in a reclining position on your couch, in your bed, or on the floor, as you are led through a deep guided meditation.  You can also set your Sankalpa (heart-felt intention).  One hour of yoga nidra = 4 hours of sleep!
  • Moonflower Yoga Book Club:   FREE online meeting via Zoom on Sunday, January 2nd,   4:30 PM – 6 PM:  Take a journey with a great book while having fun and making new friends! As we are skipping a December meeting, we will be discussing TWO books in this January meeting: “Lights on the Sea” and “A Fatal Grace”.   All are welcome to read the selected books and join us. Click on the “Clubs” tab above for more info on the books.
  • The Moonflower Yoga Book Needle Arts Group: FREE online meeting via Zoom on Saturday, January 8th beginning at 4:30 PM – Come join us for our fun group!  The practice of Needle Arts which includes crochet, knitting, needlepoint & quilting are wonderful meditative and stress-reducing tools. Work on your piece, share your handiwork, and have fun chatting with the other members.  We also donate finished pieces for those who wish to do so to people in need. Our latest scarf drive will support Operation Gratitude, which sends these scarves to our brave men and women in the military.


Upcoming class changes:

  • For the remainder of the year, ALL of the yoga and meditation classes on the schedule will be offered online via Zoom.  There is also an option for a maximum of 4 individuals to attend specific classes in person under the new “Yoga Your Way!” program.  Scroll up for additional info about Your Your Way!
  • On Wednesday, December 29th, the Yin  Yoga Stretch class with Rose will be a 60-minute Zoom class for this date.
  • On Wednesday, December 29th, the Stretch, Meditate and Relax class with Dona Dovie will have an earlier start time of 630 PM.
  • There is no Awaken the Subtle Body yoga class with Theresa on Friday, Dec 17th.
  • The Thursday Chair Yoga class with Vicky changes its start time from 1130 AM to 12 noon beginning in December.
  • There are NO classes on the schedule on Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve, December 24 and 25.  Wishing you very happy holidays!
  • There are NO classes on the schedule on New Year’s Eve, December 31, or New Year’s Day, January 1.  Happy new year to you!

Curbside pickup at the studio is available! 

Curbside pickup at the studio is available for some items you may need for your home practice.  How about a beautiful Hugger Mugger yoga mat?  Hugger Mugger Tapas yoga mats, which Moonflower Yoga sells, were just rated one of the top 3 best yoga mats in the US.  They are very durable and last for years if you keep it safely in your house and not in your car or garage. With each new yoga mat purchased, we are currently including a FREE Moonflower Yoga mat bag to store your new mat.  We also sell yoga blocks, yoga straps, blankets, and bolsters which are wonderful for your home practice.  Click on the “Products” page for additional info on yoga supplies.

Or you can purchase a lovely, relaxing Young Living essential oil.  Could you use a bottle of favorite Stress Away right now?  Lavender essential oil is great for relaxation or helping with skin irritation. Citrus Fresh or Tangerine adds a lovely clean scent to your home or try Thieves for a spicy scent.  Moonflower Yoga sells a wide variety of Young Living essential oils; just ask us!

We also have lovely handmade beaded bracelets, as well as AAOTE aromatherapy jewelry items.  Our super-soft signature t-shirts and hoodies are also available in a variety of sizes.

Just let us know which items you would like to purchase, and we will arrange for a cashless online purchase and a curbside delivery to your car from the studio. Purchased items can also be shipped to you within the continental US.



We appreciate your business! Each month a special gift will be given to the customer who attends the most classes during the calendar month.

The most recent  “Prize of the Month” for booking the most classes in the month was won by Leslie. Congratulations Leslie!  Leslie won a bottle of Purification essential oil from Young Living. 







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