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Changing the Channel by Nancy Weshkoff

May 6, 2015 by  
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Changing the Channel

By Nancy Weshkoff


One of my favorite quotes is from the remarkable Thich Nhat Hanh: “There are thousands of channels in in our consciousness; it is up to us to choose the channel.”    So much wisdom in just one sentence!

When we discuss this concept in my yoga classes at Moonflower Yoga, I suggest to my students that they should think of their minds as cable television with a remote control.   If you are sitting at home with the television set on, and if you come across a program that you don’t like, you use the remote control to change channels to something else that you do like.   It is the same with your mind.  If an unpleasant image pops up, change the channel to something more pleasant and concentrate on the present moment.  YOU are in charge of the remote control.

So why is this important?   In our yoga classes at Moonflower Yoga, we stress the importance of being in the present moment.     When you focus on the present moment, you strengthen your body and become more flexible as you concentrate more fully on the alignment of your pose and your breath.  When you concentrate on the present moment, it also means finding that inner peace that reduces our stress because you have released regrets from the past and worries about the future.   

In all of our yoga classes at Moonflower Yoga, we teach our students techniques to help you relax, feel calmer, and learn to be more in the present moment.  If you are in Bellmore,  on Long Island New York’s Nassau County, come and try one of our amazing yoga classes or workshops taught be a dedicated team of great teachers as we help you to become more in the present moment and find that inner peace.   You’ll feel great!



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