About Us

Moonflower Yoga is based in Bellmore, Long Island, in Nassau County.  

We specialize in a small-class setting to provide you with more personal attention.  Our yoga classes are semi-private in nature with a maximum of 6-8 students for most classes.  Moonflower has  great yoga teachers who have lovingly designed a very interesting mix of great yoga classes to meet all fitness levels:

  • Our STRESS-BUSTER  series of classes on Tuesday nights at 730 PM are designed to provide you with better health by reducing your risk of stress-related diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease.  Click on the “Descriptions” tab for the current month’s schedule.
  • KUNDALINI YOGA classes combine physical exercise, breathing techniques, mantra, and meditation and are designed to promote health, creativity and spiritual awareness.
  • MEDITATION classes are wonderful for stress reduction, relaxation, and finding inner peace.
  • TAI CHI classes incorporate breath with slow, fluid movement & helps to reduce stress, as well as reduce the effects of arthritis, osteoperosis, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and Parkinsons disease.
  • MOVE AND STRETCH classes burn calories while gaining strength and flexibility.  Suitable for intermediate level students with Vinyasa experience.
  • BEGINNER classes are designed for you to learn basic yoga poses as well as vinyasa flow which combines breath with movement.
  • UNWIND AND RELAX classes allow you to de-stress with light vinyasa flow combined with restorative postures.
  • RADIANT BODY YOGA classes combine a unique blend of vinyasa flow, an Iyengar-based practice and Kundalini yoga.
  • BEGINNER STRETCH is a fabulous, overall yoga class where you will learn fundamental yoga poses.
  • SATURDAY FLOW classes energize you and provide an invigorating, calorie-burning workout as you start your weekend.
  • CALM AND STRETCH GENTLE YOGA FOR BEGINNERS  is a great way for all fitness levels to enjoy a fabulous gentle yoga class while increasing your strength and flexibility and discovering ways to reduce tension.
  • CANDLELIGHT RESTORATIVE YOGA at the end of the day is a lovely way to let your stress go with the help of bolsters, blankets and pillows while listening to soft music in flickering candlelight.
  •  STRETCH AND FLOW  classes are fun morning yoga classes to help you develop strength, flexibility and balance.
  • MORNING MEDITATION AND MOVEMENT classes are a great way to start your day with gentle stretching and a guided meditation for inner peace.
  • STRETCH AND TONE classes will provide you with a great overall class to stretch and strengthen your muscles while also creating energy through flowing poses.
  • EVENING STRETCH is a wonderful way to gently stretch tense muscles while gaining flexibility.
  • CHAIR YOGA  is a lovely, gentle, beginner-level yoga class for those who have difficulty moving in a normal yoga class.  The poses are done seated on a chair or standing (if possible) using a chair for support.
  • FLEX AND STRETCH helps you de-stress at the end of the day with movement & stretching poses while also gaining strength and flexibility.
  • BEGINNER BASICS classes are great for learning fundamental yoga poses in a gentle way.
  • REJUVENATE AND STRETCH is a great way to begin the day with stretching, flowing poses linking your breath with movement.
  • INHALE, EXHALE, STRETCH! classes are a great late-morning, weekday class for all levels combining gentle movement with stretching for flexibility as well as breathing techniques for stress reduction.
  • BALANCE AND TONE classes are a great way to improve your balance while also toning & stretching your body.  All fitness levels, including beginners, are welcome.

WORKSHOPS are offered on Friday evenings or  weekend afternoons on a variety of engaging topics. You’ll meet interesting people and learn something new!  Please click on the “Workshops” tab for further information.

PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS  are available at the Moonflower Yoga studio to meet specific individual needs.  We will design a private yoga class just for you!  Call us at (516) 557 2206 for more info.

CORPORATE YOGA classes are a great way to reduce midday muscle stress and strain while gaining strength and flexibility.   A Moonflower Yoga instructor can travel to your local business to teach a group lunchtime corporate yoga class.  Please call us at (516) 557-2206 and let us know how we can help you.  There is also additional info on our “Corporate Yoga” tab above.

PRODUCTS: The studio sells one-of-a-kind, handmade items lovingly made by local artisans.   Many of these are hand finished here in Nassau County (Long Island) including our super soft, full-zip hoodies and our variety of signature t-shirts.   We also sell a variety of yoga supplies for your home practice including yoga mats, blocks, and straps.  And Moonflower Yoga is an authorized distributor for beautiful Young Living essential oils, which are amazing, therapeutic quality oils made from plants whose intoxicating, aromatic scent you will love.   Click on our “Products” tab for more information.