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February is almost here, and with it brings Valentine’s Day and a special reminder about love.  Love begins with YOURSELF.    It is very important to spend time taking care of YOU and giving yourself the love you need.   A great yoga, meditation class, or  workshop can help you find that inner peace and love!  Check out the great variety of classes and workshops on our February schedule!   We also have 2 fabulous workshops in February involving art and giving your creative side a chance to be explored.  Join us for a wonderful Kundalini Yoga and Mandala Art workshop with Lori on Sunday, Feb 1, from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM or on Saturday, Feb 21, from 1:30 PM – 4:15 PM, as Barbara Segal brings her lovely “Collage for the Soul” workshop to Moonflower Yoga as you let your soul come out and play.

 Connie returns to Moonflower Yoga in February!

We are very happy to advise that the Rev. Constance Barley returns to Moonflower Yoga in February! Connie is an important part of Moonflower Yoga, and she was taken suddenly ill in the fall. With the help of so many prayers, Connie has recovered and she is ready to rejoin Moonflower Yoga.  Please help us welcome back this amazing woman on Friday, Feb. 6th, as she offers the next installment of her fascinating “Spiritual Development for Goddesses” series.  The September session sold out – so please reserve early!  You will also see that we added 2 additional workshops from Connie to the schedule: “Tarot Cards Parts 1 and 2” on Friday, March 6th and April 10th, from 7-9 PM, as well as a new “Spring Clearing” workshop offered on the first day of spring which is Friday, March 20th, from 7-9 PM.   


And a special February gift offer …                                   

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Moonflower Yoga has a special, limited-time offer.   Spend $100 in merchandise in the month of February, 2015, and receive a gift certificate for a BONUS FREE CLASS at Moonflower Yoga as our thank you!  We have great items for sale such as our fragrant and therapeutic Young Living Essential Oils, or wrap yourself in a warm Moonflower Yoga fleece hoodie to keep you cozy on a cold day, or select one of our lovely t-shirts in a variety of different styles, or treat yourself to a new yoga mat or other yoga supplies.   These make wonderful and thoughtful gifts, and you can keep the free, bonus class for yourself or give it to someone you love!  Visit the Moonflower Yoga studio to take advantage of this special, limited-time offer.


 In the Spotlight-  Featured Class for February:

 MEDITATION – Tuesday, Feb 3rd and Feb 17th from 7:45 PM – 8:45 PM:

Join us on Tuesday, February 3rd or February 17th  for a wonderful guided meditation class as you deeply relax in candlelight and the lovely aroma of essential oils.  These amazing classes invite you to experience an evening of peace & relaxation, and they provide an opportunity to release burdens of the past and worries for the future as you surrender to the power and possibilities of the ‘present moment’.   These meditations can be done while seated on a comfortable chair or you can relax on the ground with the support of blankets and bolsters.    Our February 3rd meditation will be taught by Jessica with the soothing sound of singing bowls.   Our February 17th meditation will be taught by Connie with a theme of release and empowerment.   Both will be wonderful classes!


Here are our upcoming workshops and events:


Kundalini Art and Mandala Making Art Workshop (Lori):

Sunday, February 1, 2015, from 11: 30 AM – 1:30 PM

The world needs our creativity, compassion and intuitive intelligence. The synthesis of Yoga and Art is a very powerful practice.  Through yoga, one becomes grounded in one’s body and along with meditation the internal mind chatter diminishes. In this workshop, the yoga portion will include the Kriya for Creativity, then a meditation, followed by an exploration with mandalas. Beautiful line drawings of mandalas will be supplied along with colored pencils to facilitate the process. After experiencing Yoga-Art, people shift from feeling restless to a deep sense of meaning as they create. It is not what you make but how you feel during and after the process. The Art that is made becomes a marker and a talisman of the experience.

Price: $40 per person including the materials fees and delicious, homemade snacks.



Friday, February 6, from 7 – 9 PM

Our September session sold out – Reserve early !!

Are you feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? In this wonderful new workshop series, we will discover ways to become more spiritually rooted to bring you inner peace.  Each workshop will include guided meditation and relaxation.  Connie will share her wisdom with us, and it is a fantastic opportunity to discover more about your own spirituality & develop your inner goddess power while having fun!   Delicious homemade goodies are served. Reserve your space now for this intriguing new series! This sells out quickly! You do NOT need to have attended in September to join us for future ones. 

 Price:  $34 per 2-hour session.


Collage for the Soul workshop (Barbara Segal):

Create, relax and connect with your soul!

Saturday, Feb 21, 2015, 1:30 PM – 4:15 PM                 

Let your soul come out and play!  Your intuition will guide you to create personal, beautiful, and powerful collages which can also function as divination cards.  With guided meditation, journaling, and witnessing, you will discover yourself, and share the journey within a small, supportive group of women. This is a deep process based on the fascinating SoulCollage™ system developed by Jungian analyst and artist, Seena B. Frost.  This workshop is perfect for artists of all levels, including beginners!   The price for this workshop includes all materials and delicious homemade goodies.

Price: $45 per person including the materials fees and delicious, homemade snacks.


The Moonflower Yoga Book Club

Come join us for the next meeting of our fun Moonflower Yoga Book Club!   Each 4-6 weeks, the club meets to discuss the book selection from the previous meeting & selects the next book to read.  It is a great way to meet interesting people, form new friendships & have lively conversations!  Delicious homemade goodies are served. All are welcome to read the current book and join us! For our next meeting, we will discuss: 

 Mariana by Susanna Kearsley  – 352 pages

 From the winner of the Catherine Cookson Fiction Prize, this mesmerizing, suspenseful, and richly atmospheric tale of time travel draws us into the heart of a heroine we won’t soon forget…

The first time Julia Beckett saw Greywethers she was only five, but she knew that it was her house. And now that she’s at last become its owner, she suspects that she was drawn there for a reason.  As if Greywethers were a portal between worlds, she finds herself transported into seventeenth-century England, becoming Mariana, a young woman struggling against danger and treachery, and battling a forbidden love.  Each time Julia travels back, she becomes more enthralled with the past…until she realizes Mariana’s life is threatening to eclipse her own, and she must find a way to lay the past to rest or lose the chance for happiness in her own time.

 Next Meeting Date:                         Friday,   February 27, 2015, 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Donation Fee to cover costs:         $10

 If you do not read this current book, you are still welcome to join us, meet new people, and help us select the next book.


TAROT:  Learning the Tarot and How to Read Tarot Cards (Parts 1 and 2) with Connie

Friday, March 6, 2015 for Part 1; Friday, April 10, 2015 for Part 2 – both from 7 PM – 9 PM

Have fun in this very interesting and intriguing two-part workshop on Tarot cards!  Part 1 is offered on Friday, March 6th, and Part 2 is offered on Friday, April 10th.   You will learn the meaning of the Tarot cards as well as the intuitive and factual description system.   Connie will also explain some of the historical background, how to keep the cards cleansed, and how to tap into the wisdom of the cards.  You must have your own Tarot cards which you should bring to the workshop.  Please purchase a Rider-Waite set of Tarot cards, as well as a Tarot reading cloth, both of which are available online.    As always, delicious light refreshments are served.

Price:      $68 package price per person covering both sessions payable before 3/1/15.    



Friday, March 20th, 7 – 9 PM

Dust off the cobwebs in this amazing new workshop presented on the first day of spring!   This lovely workshop will begin with a guided meditation as we prepare to welcome spring and begin a new phase of the year.  Connie will provide you with advice on bringing good energy into your life.  The workshop will also encompass Feng Shui tips so you can de-clutter your home and work environment and bring a better flow of “chi” (energy) into your space.   It is a great way to start the spring!  Delicious homemade goodies will be served.

Price: $36 per person.


Calming and Healing Your Spirit February schedule:

Our “Calming and Healing Your Spirit” classes which take place on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM offer you a wonderful variety of different and classes.   These are fabulous classes designed to bring you inner peace and help you cope with stress.  Whichever class you select, you will enjoy this interesting mix.     Here is a rundown of the January “Calming and Healing Your Spirit” classes:                       

   Wed.,  February 4th, 7:30 PM: IET and Angel Healing (Chris) Come give this a try!  During these fabulous classes, Chris will cover 1 or 2 of the 9 healing angels. You will discover the special healing gifts that each angel brings.  Chris will teach you how to call upon the healing angels with a special prayer of invitation and to use an angelic heart link to connect with the angel’s energy. You will learn the special healing gifts that each angel brings & invite each of the healing angels to support you in your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual journey. This lovely class can bring a profound sense of peace & calm.


Wed. , February 11, 18, 25, at 7:30 PM:  Kundalini Yoga with Lori (also on Sunday mornings at 11:15 AM) :  Kundalini Yoga is known for its ability to promote health, creativity & spiritual awareness & combines physical exercise, breathing techniques, mantra & meditation. Lori’s classes are infused with a unique sense of humor, positive energy & personalized attention. Catering to both beginners & advanced yogis, Lori strives to offer a space wherein students feel accepted & safe to embrace the greatest mission of our time: moving from the head to the heart. In the words of Yogi Bhajan “There is nothing outside of us. It’s all in us.”   Please note that if this popular class is sold out for a date that you would like to attend, please send an email to and ask to be added to our waiting list should an opening occur.

   February class packages:

 For the month of  February, we are offering THREE class packages from which you can choose:

 -     Yoga Lite:          Purchase 4 classes for $64.

-      Yoga Medium:  Receive 6 classes for the price of 5:  $90.

-      Yoga Pro:           Receive 8 classes for the price of 7: $120. 

All of the above packages offer a discount over the per-class price.   The discounted classes purchased under the February class package must be used between February 1st and February 28, 2015.    The class package must be purchased at the Moonflower Yoga studio.     The class package must be purchased at the Moonflower Yoga studio.  

WAITING LIST INFO:   If the class or workshop you wish to attend is sold out, please contact us and ask to be added to the waiting list.  Cancellations do occur, and if a spot opens up, we will contact you.   Please send an email to  and we will add you to the waiting list for the class or workshop you are seeking.  Thank you!

Class Descriptions for the  February classes:

 Calming and Healing Your Spirit (various-see above):   Check out this wonderful variety of classes designed to bring you inner peace, stress reduction, and a positive feeling of well-being.  Each week there will be a different one-hour session to help you feel better.   These will vary from our lovely  Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) – Angel Healing (Feb 1) and  a lovely Kundalini Yoga class with Lori (Feb 11, 18, 25).   Whichever intriguing class you attend, you will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and learn something new!  Space is limited so book early. (Wednesdays at 7:30 PM).

Kundalini (Lori):   Kundalini Yoga is known for its ability to promote health, creativity & spiritual awareness, and combines physical exercise, breathing techniques, mantra & meditation. Catering to both beginners and advanced students, Lori strives to offer a space wherein students feel accepted & safe to embrace the greatest mission of our time…moving from the head to the heart.  Sunday mornings at 11:15 AM on Feb 8, 15, 22,  plus Wed.,  Feb 11, 18, and 25 at 7:30 PM).  On Sunday, Feb 1, there will be a 2-hour Kundalini and Mandala Art workshop.  Click on the “workshops” tab above for additional info on the Kundalini workshop.  Please note that the Sunday Kundalini classes starting on Feb 8 will concentrate on one chakra per class.

Mindful Breath & Movement (Jessica) (with optional guided meditation): This wonderful  class focuses on linking breath & movement and cultivating presence in the Now.  Increase your sense of well- being while gaining strength.  There is an extra, optional 30-minute guided meditation after class.   Enjoy the calming sound of singing bowls while meditating.  (Sat. 11:15 AM ).

Saturday Flow  (Nancy):     This fabulous  Saturday morning class will energize you, build strength and flexibility, and enable you to have a great start to your day.  The class ends with a relaxing restorative pose to help you further de-stress.   (Saturdays at 10 AM). 

Teen yoga (Amanda):  Teens will love this new class to increase strength, flexibility & gain confidence!  Yoga can also help teens with stress reduction from school work and peer pressure.  Come give this great new class a try.   (Wednesdays at 4:15 PM). 

Beginner Stretch (Lucia) :  This class is great for those who are new to yoga, as well as for experienced students who would like to focus on their practice at a slower pace.  Under Lucia’s guidance, you will gently stretch & move through fundamental yoga postures combining breath with movement.   The class encompasses standing postures, floor stretches on the mat & poses to help improve your balance.  Props are used to help support you.  You will become more flexible and gain strength! (Mon., 6 PM plus Thurs. Feb 19 at 6:30 PM).

Tai Chi (Joseph):   Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise system incorporating breathing with slow & fluid movements.  It can reduce stress, improve balance & has been proven to have a positive effect on arthritis, osteoporosis, heart & pulmonary disease, fibromyalgia & high blood pressure.  Newsday did a recent article citing a recommendation from the Harvard Medical School on how Tai Chi can help with your balance.   Come give this fun class a try – all fitness levels are welcome!  (Wednesday at 6 PM). 

Morning Movement and Meditation (Jessica):  Start your day with peace, mindfulness and bliss! This gentle class begins with a moving meditation allowing you to balance the body, calm the mind and awaken your spirit.  Slowly stretch tight muscles, loose stiff joints, relieve stress, increase flexibility and cultivate balance.  The class will also consist of a guided meditation to bring you a sense of inner peace.  (Tuesday mornings, 9:30 AM)

 Move and Stretch (Jeanine ):    Come try this fabulous class!  You will be led through a flowing sequence of poses to build energy and strength while you burn calories.  The class will also encompass standing and seated postures to gain more flexibility and balance.  The class ends with a restorative pose to leave you refreshed (Tuesday at 6:15 PM and Wednesday morning at 9:30 AM.).

Stress Reduction Vinyasa (Nancy):   Release your stress from the day in this moving, energetic, and calorie-burning vinyasa flow class. This popular class ends restoratively to reset the body and mind & leaves you feeling refreshed & relaxed.  Some previous Vinyasa flow experience is recommended.  (Monday at 7:30 PM). 

Beginner Yoga (Nancy):  Beginner yoga is great for those who are new to yoga or like a more basic practice.  After a gentle warm up, you learn flowing postures combining breath & movement, and fundamental beginner poses to build strength, flexibility & balance. All classes end with a relaxation pose. (Wed. at 10:45 AM, Saturday at 8:30 AM,  Sunday at 10 AM plus Tues, Feb 17 at 10:45 AM).

Sunday Flow (Jeanine):  Start your Sunday in a positive way!   This class will combine Hatha and Vinyasa flow poses with your breath so that you can stretch and have more energy, strength and balance.  (Sunday at 8:45 AM).

Candlelight Restorative (Nancy):  Recharge your batteries in this lovely class where several minutes are spent in a series of deep relaxation postures using bolsters, blankets & pillows.  The class is held in flickering candlelight with soft music & helps melt away your stress.  You will leave feeling restored & relaxed.   This class alternates with our Tuesday night Meditation class.    (Tues. Feb 10 and Feb 24 at 7:45  PM).

Meditation (Jessica/Connie) :      Health care professionals applaud meditation for its amazing ability to reduce stress levels. Come discover how meditation provides a profound opportunity for deep peace, personal understanding & relaxation.   These fabulous guided meditations can be done in comfortable chairs or seated on the floor, whichever you prefer.  The room is lit in soft candlelight with the beautiful aroma of essential oils to help you relax.  The Feb 3 guided meditation will be led by Jessica and is a wonderful meditation using singing bowls.   The Feb 17 guided meditation will be led by Connie with an interesting theme of release and empowerment.   (Tues  Feb 3 and Feb 17 at 7:45 PM).     This class alternates with Candlelight Restorative.

 Level One Beginner  (Vicky):   Enjoy this Iyengar-style beginner class using props to assist you.  All fitness levels are welcome.  In each posture, precise directions will be given to each body part thereby creating a profound physical as well as mental awareness.    You will gain strength, flexibility and balance and feel great!  (Tuesday at 10:45  AM on Feb 3, 10, 24;  Thursday at 6:30 PM on Feb 4, 12, 26). 

Stretch & Flow (Nancy):  Check out this fun, beginner-level class where you will gain flexibility, strength & balance as you stretch & move into a flowing sequence of poses.  It is a great way to start your day and feel refreshed!  (Thursday 10 AM).

 Unwind and Relax (Nancy):    This class begins with some gentle stretches and moves into light flowing postures to release muscle tension and stress from the day.    The latter portion of the class consists of deeply-relaxing restorative poses in flickering candlelight where you will unwind on cushioned bolsters.   You’ll feel relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.    (Thurs at 8 PM). 

Easy Beginner  (Nancy):  If you have never taken a yoga class before, need a refresher, or prefer a very gentle practice, this is the class for you!   Basic yoga postures will be demonstrated.  We move gently and slowly enabling you to learn fundamental yoga postures.  Props are used to help you.    (Thurs. 5:15 PM).

Adaptive Yoga  (Vicky):  Adaptive yoga is perfect for anyone with balance issues or who needs an assistive device.  In this gentle Iyengar-style class, you stretch & move into various yoga postures with the assistance of props such as chairs, bolsters & blankets. Handicap access is available thru the rear parking lot.  This class has a limit of 3 students-register early! (Tues. at 12 noon).



Individual classes are $18 per class.   Click on the “Book A Class” button below or on the “Class Schedule” tab above to purchase a reservation in the class you would like to attend.  When you are ready to checkout, a PayPal screen will appear.   You do NOT need a PayPal account to register for a class online; any MasterCard or Visa can be used to purchase an individual class or workshop.  PayPal securely handles the financial transaction, and you will receive a written confirmation by email when your registration is completed.

All new students attending the studio for the first time receive a FREE gift with our compliments!  Pick up your free gift when you attend your first class.


Walk-ins are welcome for any remaining class spaces that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our class sizes are small to provide individual attention, and we recommend that you reserve your class in advance. Most classes have a maximum booking of 6-8 students per class.   Some classes, such as Adaptive Yoga, have a limit of 3 students per class.   If a class is listed in solid red on the calendar tab, the class is fully booked for the day.   We do keep waiting lists for classes which are fully booked.   If the class you would like to attend is sold out, please call us at (516) 557 2206, and we will add you to the waiting list for the class and contact you if a space opens up.

Each month, we offer class packages at a discounted class price.   The class packages vary from month to month.   We list the monthly package offer on this page and we also distribute a monthly email announcing the special for the following month.   The class packages can be purchased at the Moonflower Yoga studio, and are valid for the month of the package, i.e. the October package is valid for all classes on the October schedule.  If you have any questions regarding this, just give us a call at (516) 557 2206 or stop by the Moonflower Yoga studio and we will be happy to help you.

Moonflower Yoga also offers fun and varied workshops and events where you can learn something new.   Some of our past happenings  have included feng shui, meditation, women’s health issues, astrology, how to deal with neck/shoulder pain, ways to move towards a healthier diet, and tarot cards.   Workshop and events prices vary depending on the workshop or event. You can also purchase your workshop or event online by clicking on the class schedule tab above and completing the simple registration steps.

And check out our fun Moonflower Yoga Book Club!   It is a great way to meet new people and have lively conversation while enjoying some delicious homemade treats.   The Moonflower Yoga Book Club meets every 4- 6 weeks.   We generally meet on a Sunday afternoon, except for the summer months we will be meeting on a Friday evening.   You are welcome to read the book we have selected and join us.   If you haven’t read the book, you can still join us and help us decide what the next book selection should be.  Further details can be found by clicking on the Events tab above.



Private one-on-one sessions are available at the Moonflower Yoga studio.  We will design a private yoga class just for you tailored to your individual needs! Please call us at (516) 557-2206 for more information.



We are available for corporate yoga or group yoga classes!  A Moonflower instructor can come to your nearby place of business or residence to teach a group yoga class.   Corporate yoga in the workplace is a great way to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension from the day, and promote teamwork amongst the staff. Please contact us at (516) 557-2206 and let us know how we can help you.  You can also click on our “Corporate Yoga” tab above for additional info.


We appreciate your business! Each month a special gift will be given to the customer who purchases the most individual classes during the calendar month.  Book your class now to enter the monthly contest.   Check the Moonflower Yoga Facebook page each month to see who won the special customer appreciation gift for the month.

 Beginner Yoga Classes Bellmore

By Jojo Moyes


Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.  What Lou doesn’t know is she’s about to lose her job or that knowing what’s coming is what keeps her sane.  Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he’s going to put a stop to that. What Will doesn’t know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of color. And neither of them knows they’re going to change the other for all time.


Next meeting date:  Friday, November 21, 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Donation fee: $10 to cover costs


Join us for this fun holiday workshop with Jessica!


Make your own healthy, non-toxic products using essential oils.   You will be taking home wonderful, homemade holiday gifts that you created to give someone special in your life or use for yourself!



Learn how to make fun, aromatic gifts for your family and friends using pure, natural ingredients and essential oils!   Essential oils are natural, aromatic compounds found in plants. 

Our everyday household products do not have to be toxic in order to be effective.  Discover how to get chemicals out of your life and embrace a more natural, sweet-smelling way of living!   During this fun and informative workshop, we will be making everyday items without harsh chemicals and dyes. Using the incredible power of essential oils we will be creating:


-Essential oil sprays

-Laundry detergent

-Bath salts 


Delicious oil-infused, homemade vegetarian snacks will be served!


Date: Sunday, December 7, 2014              Time: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Price: $40 per person including the materials fees and snacks.

Book now!!    Seating is limited!!    You can reserve your spot at the Moonflower Yoga studio or by booking online from our website,


Enjoy a special evening of LIVE music, meditation & mantra!


 Kirtan, Mantra Meditation & Drum Circle with the Groovy Mudra band




“Chanting is a way of getting in touch with yourself. It’s an opening of the heart and letting go of the mind and thoughts. It deepens the channel of grace, and it’s a way of being present in the moment.” --Krishna Das 

Join us for a wonderful evening of mantra meditation and live music with a drum circle in which YOU participate!


Experience an intense meditation with a powerful mantra, accompanied by the soothing sounds of singing bowls. The mantra meditation will be done out loud to cultivate complete presence and awareness in seekers, as well as to raise the overall vibration in the room. 


Following the meditation, there will be a potent and joyful kirtan (call and response singing) with the Groovy Mudra band. Kirtan is special music based on ancient chants, and it has the ability to quiet the mind and create spontaneous feelings of bliss within, if listened to with intention. Kirtan is a beautiful way of connecting with the spirit within us and all around us. Singing and ecstatic dancing is encouraged! Unique and fun instruments will be provided as you participate in the live music!! 


Divinely delicious, vegan, mantra-infused snacks will be served!  Bring your mala beads!


Your Presenters:   This event will be led by the Groovy Mudra band (Dave, Tara,  Adria, and Jessica) 

Date:  Friday, December 12, 2014, from 7 PM – 9 PM.
Price: $38 per person (includes a musical instrument for your participation)                

Book now!!    Seating is limited!!    You can reserve your spot at the Moonflower Yoga studio or by booking online from our website,