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Class Descriptions and Pricing



Moonflower Yoga is so excited to announce these great NEW classes which we are adding to the schedule in July:

  MORNING MEDITATON AND MOVEMENT – Tuesdays at 9:30 AM beginning July 8th


Start your day with peace, mindfulness and bliss! This gentle yoga class, taught by Jessica Saraswati, begins with a moving meditation which allows you to balance the body, calm the mind and awaken your spirit.  Slowly stretch tight muscles, loosen stiff joints, relieve stress, increase flexibility and cultivate balance. Each posture is entered into with deep reverence and awareness, all while being mindful of the breath in this soft restorative flow.  Experience the soothing sounds of a crystal Tibetan singing bowl woven into this gentle sequence.  The latter portion of the class will consist of a guided meditation to bring you a sense of inner peace.


 LAUGHTER YOGA (as part of our Calming and Healing Your Spirit Series) – Wed. July 23, at 7:30 PM (plus 8/20 & 9/17)                                                            

 Join us for a laugh!  One of the best ways to lighten up is to laugh and release yourself from the grip of stress. Laughter instantly raises your energy, heals you and clears away negativity, confusion and mind chatter. Join the latest international craze – Laughter Yoga – led by a certified Laughter Leader and Health Coach, Raquel Wolf-Jadeja. Laughter Yoga promotes happiness, relieves stress, is therapeutic, and fosters community with no mat required.  You can burn up to 250 calories while moving in this class and having fun!



MOVE AND STRETCH with Jeanine – This popular Tuesday night 6:15 PM class will now also be available on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 AM starting July 9th:

 Get toned and in shape with Jeanine’s wonderful “Move and Stretch” class!   You will  burn calories while stretching and becoming more flexible.   The class will encompass energetic flowing poses, as well as traditional standing and seated yoga poses for strength and balance.   The class will end with a calming relaxation posture to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.   Check out this fun class!





KUNDALINI YOGA (part of our Calming and Healing Your Spirit series):  Wednesday, July 16 at 7:30 PM (also on 8/7)

Lori Pappas is honored to share the ancient yet timely teachings of Kundalini Yoga with fellow seekers. Known for its ability to promote health, creativity & spiritual awareness, Kundalini Yoga combines physical exercise, breathing techniques, mantra & meditation. Her classes are infused with a unique sense of humor, positive energy & personalized attention. Catering to both beginners and advanced yogis, Lori strives to offer a space wherein students feel accepted and safe to embrace the greatest mission of our time…moving from the head to the heart. In the words of Yogi Bhajan “There is nothing outside of us. It’s all in us.”



More July class news ….

 Please note that the start times for some of your other favorite Tuesday and Wednesday morning classes will be slightly changing in July as follows:

 -       Level One with Vicky on Tuesdays: Moves from 10 AM to a start time of 10:45 AM.

 -      Adaptive Yoga with Vicky on Tuesdays: Moves from an 11:15 AM start time to 12 noon.

 -     Beginner with Nancy on Wednesdays: Moves from a 10:30 AM start time to 10:45 AM.

  Our “Calming and Healing Your Spirit classes which take place on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM are a hit and offer a wonderful variety of interesting classes.  Our May and June Gallery Readings with Intuitive Medium, Dori, have each been sell-out events!   We are pleased to advise that Dori returns in July with TWO  Gallery Readings in July:   July 9 and July 30.   Each reading is unique and fun, as you never know which crossed-over loved ones may enter the gallery that night.   Laughter Yoga (see above) makes its debut at Moonflower Yoga, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.     Or try another great new class: Kundalini Yoga brought to us by Lori Pappas on July 16  (more info above).    Whichever Calming and Healing Your Spirit class you choose, you will enjoy this series of interesting classes designed to bring you to bring you inner peace and help you cope with stress.   Please join us for this amazing class series!  Here is the specific line-up for these Wednesday night classes in June:

 -       Wed., July 9th and July 30th,   7:30 PM – 8:30 PM:   Back by popular demand!   We have a very special encore of our Gallery Reading led by intuitive medium Dori.   Our May and June classes sold out quickly, so please reserve your space for these July sessions ASAP.  During the gallery reading, Dori will give random readings to some of the attendees as she speaks to crossed-over loved ones. Attending this event does not guarantee you a reading, so please listen to all of the readings, even those for others. One message will often relate to many people in the room, so be open to the process and experience when attending. She has no control over which crossed over loved ones speak to her.  Anyone who has been connected to you by blood, even if you never met them, or anyone you have known (neighbors, childhood friends, children of neighbors and friends) might enter this gallery.   Space fills quickly for this  interesting evening!

-      Wed., July 16th, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM:    Try the wonderful new class and learn more about the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga with Lori.   All levels are welcome.    Kundalini Yoga combines gentle movement, breathing techniques, mantra, and meditation.   See a further description above.

   -     Wed., July 23rd, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM:  Check out our fun new Laughter Yoga class!   You will have a blast laughing away your stress and you can lose up to 250 calories in this delightful class.   No previous experience is needed.   No yoga mat is needed.   See additional information above regarding this new addition to the Moonflower Yoga lineup.

 You will want to try this great series of “Calming and Healing Your Spirit” classes to help you feel renewed and relaxed!   Reserve ASAP as space is limited.


 July class packages:

 For the month of July, we are offering THREE class packages from which you can choose:

 -     Yoga Lite:          Purchase 4 classes for $64.

-      Yoga Medium:  Receive 6 classes for the price of 5:  $90.

-      Yoga Pro:           Receive 8 classes for the price of 7: $120. 

 All of the above packages offer a discount over the per-class price.   The discounted classes purchased under the July class package must be used between July 6th and July 31st, 2014.   The class package must be purchased at the Moonflower Yoga studio.  



July Class Descriptions:

Calming and Healing Your Spirit (various):   Check out this wonderful variety of classes designed to bring you inner peace, stress reduction, and a positive feeling of well-being.  Each week there will be a different one-hour session to help you feel better.   These will vary from our new Laughter Yoga class (7/23),   and TWO nights of our interesting Gallery Night reading with intuitive medium Dori (7/9 and 7/30), and our new Kundalini Yoga class on 7/16.  Whichever intriguing class you attend, you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed!  Space is limited so book early. (Wednesdays at 7:30 PM). 

Morning Movement and Meditation (Jessica) –NEW:  Start your day with peace, mindfulness and bliss! This gentle class begins with a moving meditation allowing you to balance the body, calm the mind and awaken your spirit.  Slowly stretch tight muscles, loose stiff joints, relieve stress, increase flexibility and cultivate balance.  The latter portion of the class will consist of a guided meditation to bring you a sense of inner peace.  (Tuesday mornings, 9:30 AM)

 Move and Stretch (Jeanine): (Additional day!)   Come try this fabulous class!  Jeanine will lead you through a flowing sequence of poses to build energy and strength while you burn calories.  The class will also encompass standing and seated postures to gain more flexibility and balance.  The class ends with a restorative pose to leave you refreshed (Tuesday at 6:15 PM and Wednesday morning at 9:30 AM).

Tai Chi (Joseph):  Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise system incorporating breathing with slow & fluid movements.  It can reduce stress, improve balance & has been proven to have a positive effect on arthritis, osteoporosis, heart & pulmonary disease, fibromyalgia & high blood pressure.  Newsday did a recent article citing a recommendation from the Harvard Medical School on how Tai Chi can help with your balance.   Come give this fun class a try – all fitness levels are welcome!  (Wednesday at 6 PM).   

Stress Reduction Vinyasa (Nancy):   Release your stress from the day in this moving, energetic, and calorie-burning vinyasa flow class. This popular class ends restoratively to reset the body and mind & leaves you feeling refreshed & relaxed.  Some previous Vinyasa flow experience is recommended.  (Monday at 7:30 PM).

Sunday Flow (Jeanine):  Start your Sunday in a positive way!  Jeanine will combine Hatha and Vinyasa flow poses with your breath so that you can stretch and have more energy, strength and balance.    (Sunday at 9 AM.). 

Level One Beginner  (Vicky) (Revised time):   Enjoy this Iyengar-style beginner class using props to assist you.  All fitness levels are welcome.  In each posture, precise directions will be given to each body part thereby creating a profound physical as well as mental awareness.    You will gain strength, flexibility and balance and feel great!  (Tuesday at 10:45  AM, Thursday at 6:45 PM).

Candlelight Restorative (Nancy):  Recharge your batteries in this lovely class where several minutes are spent in a series of deep relaxation postures using bolsters, blankets & pillows.  The class is held in flickering candlelight with soft music & helps melt away your stress.  You will leave feeling restored & relaxed.   This class alternates with our Tuesday night Meditation class led by Connie.    (Tues. 7/15 and 7/29 at 7:45  PM).

Meditation (Connie):     Health care professionals applaud meditation for its wonderful ability to reduce stress levels. Come discover how meditation provides a profound opportunity for deep peace, personal understanding & relaxation.   These fabulous guided meditations can be done in comfortable chairs or seated on the floor, whichever you prefer.   Connie’s meditation sessions are always interesting and different.  They  fill quickly – reserve early!  (Tues 7/8 and 7/22 at 7:45 PM).  This class alternates with Candlelight Restorative on Tuesday nights.

Unwind and Relax (Nancy):    This class begins with some gentle stretches and moves into light flowing postures to release muscle tension and stress from the day.    The latter portion of the class consists of deeply-relaxing restorative poses in flickering candlelight where you will unwind on cushioned bolsters.   You’ll feel relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.    (Thursdays at 8 PM).

Beginner Yoga (Nancy) (Revised Wed time):  Beginner yoga is great for those who are new to yoga or like a more basic practice.  After a gentle warm up, you learn flowing postures combining breath & movement, and fundamental beginner poses to build strength, flexibility & balance. All classes end with a relaxation pose. (Monday at 6 PM, Wed. at 10:45 AM, Saturday at 8:30 AM,  Sunday at 10:30 AM.).

Stretch & Flow (Nancy): Check out this fun class where you will gain flexibility, strength & balance as you stretch & move into a flowing sequence of poses.  It is a great way to start your day and feel refreshed!  (Thursday 10 AM).    

Easy Beginner  (Nancy):  If you have never taken a yoga class before, need a refresher, or prefer a very gentle practice, this is the class for you!   Basic yoga postures will be demonstrated.  We move gently and slowly enabling you to learn fundamental yoga postures.  Props are used to help you.    (Thurs. 5:30 PM).

Adaptive Yoga  (Vicky) (Revised start time):  Adaptive yoga is perfect for anyone with balance issues or who needs an assistive device.  In this gentle Iyengar-style class, you stretch & move into various yoga postures with the assistance of props such as chairs, bolsters, blocks & blankets. Handicap access is available thru the rear parking lot.  This class has a limit of 3 students-register early! (Tues. at 12 noon).

Saturday Flow  (Nancy):     This fabulous and popular Saturday morning class will energize you, build strength and flexibility, and enable you to have a great start to your day.  If the class is sold out, please call the Moonflower Yoga studio at (516) 557 2206 or send an email to and ask to be added to the waiting list. We will contact you if there is a cancellation.    (Saturdays at 10 AM).


Your first class at Moonflower Yoga is always FREE!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having a fun and free experience. Give us a try by selecting one of the great yoga classes that we have lovingly designed. Please call us at (516) 557-2206 to reserve your free class.

Individual classes are $18 per class.   Click on the “Book A Class” button below or on the “Class Schedule” tab above to purchase a reservation in the class you would like to attend.  When you are ready to checkout, a PayPal screen will appear.   You do NOT need a PayPal account; any MasterCard or Visa can be used to purchase an individual class.  PayPal securely handles the financial transaction, and you will receive a written confirmation by email when your registration is completed.


Walk-ins are welcome for any remaining class spaces that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our class sizes are small to provide individual attention, and we recommend that you reserve your class in advance. Most classes have a maximum booking of 6 students per class.   Some classes, such as Adaptive Yoga, have a limit of 3 students per class.   If a class is listed in solid red on the calendar tab, the class is fully booked for the day.   We do keep waiting lists for classes which are fully booked.   If the class you would like to attend is sold out, please call us at (516) 557 2206, and we will add you to the waiting list for the class and contact you if a space opens up.

Each month, we offer class packages at a discounted class price.   The class packages vary from month to month.   We list the monthly package offer on this page and we also distribute a monthly email announcing the special for the following month.   The class packages can be purchased at the Moonflower Yoga studio, and are valid for the month of the package, i.e. the October package is valid for all classes on the October schedule.  If you have any questions regarding this, just give us a call at (516) 557 2206 or stop by the Moonflower Yoga studio and we will be happy to help you.

Moonflower Yoga also offers fun and varied workshops and events where you can learn something new.   Some of our past happenings  have included feng shui, meditation, women’s health issues, astrology, how to deal with neck/shoulder pain, ways to move towards a healthier diet, and tarot cards.   Workshop and events prices vary depending on the workshop or event. You can also purchase your workshop or event online by clicking on the class schedule tab above and completing the simple registration steps.

And check out our fun Moonflower Yoga Book Club!   It is a great way to meet new people and have lively conversation while enjoying some delicious homemade treats.   The Moonflower Yoga Book Club meets every 4- 6 weeks.   We generally meet on a Sunday afternoon, except for the summer months we will be meeting on a Friday evening.   You are welcome to read the book we have selected and join us.   If you haven’t read the book, you can still join us and help us decide what the next book selection should be.  Further details can be found by clicking on the Events tab above.



Private one-on-one sessions are available at the Moonflower Yoga studio.  We will design a private yoga class just for you tailored to your individual needs! Please call us at (516) 557-2206 for more information.



We are available for corporate yoga or group yoga classes!  A Moonflower instructor can come to your nearby place of business or residence to teach a group yoga class.   Corporate yoga in the workplace is a great way to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension from the day, and promote teamwork amongst the staff. Please contact us at (516) 557-2206 and let us know how we can help you.  You can also click on our “Corporate Yoga” tab above for additional info.


We appreciate your business! Each month a special gift will be given to the customer who purchases the most individual classes during the calendar month.  Book your class now to enter the monthly contest.   Check the Moonflower Yoga Facebook page each month to see who won the special customer appreciation gift for the month.

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